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Make sure your social media shows your best side! Employers may check this when looking for potential employees. https://t.co/XEG5U5TYXO
13th Feb 2016 - Link to tweet
We have a 40" TV to give away! Just fill in this survey on your student accommodation. https://t.co/2JhmB2KqyE https://t.co/yjMd7FcaSh
13th Feb 2016 - Link to tweet
Candidate Question Time is Friday 19th. Ask the questions you really want to know. https://t.co/uG4rVrMTQF https://t.co/a0gYkNsRc1
13th Feb 2016 - Link to tweet
We have new ways for you to have your say and give us feedback, let us know your thoughts! https://t.co/5L8IfAfT3t https://t.co/LZ8hPp35HW
13th Feb 2016 - Link to tweet
RT @UoLSwimming: A new blog article 'how to balance your sport and academic life' is now available. https://t.co/ckiYAJhwDV @lincolnSU #swi
12th Feb 2016 - Link to tweet