Wade Baverstock

VOTE WADE #1 for Welfare & Community, for someone who will FIGHT FOR YOUR VOICE!

Rachel Harper

It's a jungle out there, Vote RACHEL for Welfare! What do you want to change on campus?#Paws4Thought

Morgan Hall-Roberts

My goals Improve housing information Safe spaces for liberation groups Relaxation areas in exam time

Holly Marriott

Vote Holly Marriott 1up for Welfare & Community!

Gee Mattison

It’s time you got the representation you deserve. Vote for Gee if you want your voice to be heard!

Nyasha Takawira

I’m Ny, your current VPAA! #TheTimeIsNy so when that time comes, vote for Ny #1!

Jake Baker

It's time for some real, positive change- from someone you can believe in. #JakeTheBaker

Jessica Seaman

Jess Seaman for improved communication, employability and representation for English & Journalism!

Danyal Khan

My name is Danyal Khan and you should vote me to be your School Rep and here's why...

Melissa Poole

I would like to nominate myself for the School of Sport and Exercise Science Rep.

Patience Lowe

I'm Patience your current 1st year course rep, vote me #1 for School rep!

Stephanie May Nock

Do you want your voice heard? Vote Steph #1 for Business School Rep to get the change YOU deserve.

Hollie Mansfield

Hollie Mansfield - first year Business Studies (Hons).

Jammil Ahmed

Holly Band

Need a hand? VOTE HOLLY BAND; Number 1 for Societies' Officer at lincolnsu.com/votenow !!!

Hannah Leigh Pitt

Samuel Jones

Hi, my name is Samuel Jones and I am running for School Representative for the School of Psychology

Grace Richards

Grace Richards - Promotion of Community Spirit, Efficient Representation, Weekly Drop in Service

Joshua William Ost

Active community member who wants to make a difference!

Lexy Mbu

I want to encourage Diversity, Democracy and Development giving you a say towards our SU #Lexy4Prez

Mark Andrew Sowden

I feel I would make a great president and help the university evolve as an establishment.

Calum Watt

A manifesto of opportunity, experience and change

Hayley Jayne Wilkinson

Re-Elect Hayley Jayne for President as I promise I will make a difference for you! #makeadifference

Liam Wilson

School of Computer Science Representative Nominations - Liam Wilson

Emma Jill Huntley

Your feedback needs a platform, I want to be YOUR school rep and make that happen!

Jacob Carse

Re-elect Jacob he knows what hes doing!

Nikita Kaur Kaliroy

Gabriel Miles

Striving for stronger feedback, consistent timetables and a spirit of cooperation between courses.

Natasha Bailey


Erin Catherine Cook


Billy Yu

Approachable, Articulate and Assertive

Samantha Storey


Jae Joseph-Jeffrey

#itshandled Better communication, improved involvement and more support for new activities! VOTEJAE

Sophia Marie Bishell


William Fry

The Wolf of West Parade. More Money. More Choice. More Events. More Fun. More is Never Enough.

Charlie King

I want to make your SU work for YOU. Be an Angel, vote Charlie.

Cameron Smith

I promise ill do my best & I promise it will be a laugh

Thomas Davies-Kohler

Vote Thomas Davies-Kohler for LGBT Officer for Change, Action and Representation!

Marc Dataro

#AntForBME Vote Marc Anthony Ignatius-Dataro #1 for Black Minority & Ethnic Liberation Officer

John-Paul Dickie

Student led projects, Careers & Employability, Learning Spaces and PG & International Representation

Iona Louise Mercedes Carter

Nyasha Takawira

I'm Ny, your current VPAA and I want to be your NUS delegate!

Nikita Kaur Kaliroy


Hayley Jayne Wilkinson

Vote Hayley Jayne to represent you and your views at National Conference #makeadifference

Thomas Mitchell


Matthew Smeeth

I have a proven track record of developing your union for you, trust me to do this for another year.

Leanne Sinclair

Encouraging peer assisted academic support, arranging social activities and enhancing course reps.

Hishaam Ashraf

You’re Voice, Your Education, Your Future

Scott Bonner

Lost the plot? Vote for Scott to better assessment feedback, communication, rep visibility and more!

Molly Ann Moore

Looking to improve the way you feel, here in your local community!

Rebecca Ann Butterfield

Hi, I'm Rebecca! And I'd like to be your next School of Engineering Representative!

Andrew Hislop

Hi, my name is Andrew Hislop and I am running for the Engineering School Rep position.

Wendy Ly

Alexandra Parkin

Alex Parkin - Vote for School Represensative

Tarnjit Singh Rama

Student Voice Matters - If you want to be heard then vote for me

Fraser Kelly

For students, as a Student

Jessica Chloe Murray Bartholomew

Hi I’m Jessie and I’m running for Women’s Officer, please read my manifesto.

Connor Ashley Muir

Re-elect Connor as College of Science Officer. Your education. Your future. Your voice. #Connor4CoS

Tasnim Hassan

Dedicated to making a difference for students with disabilities all across campus!


Unique Voters


Total Votes




College Turnout
College Of Science 43%
College Of Arts 36%
College Of Social Science 26%


School Turnout
School Of Pharmacy 61%
School Of Psychology 53%
School Of Social And Political Sciences 52%
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Year of Study

Year of Study Turnout
2 37%
3 29%
1 28%


Origin Turnout
Home 35%
Europe 16%
International 15%


Sport Team Turnout


Society Turnout


Rep Turnout

Top 10 Sport Teams

Team Turnout
Gliding 100%
Futsal Women's 100%
Cheerleading 91%
Rugby Union Women's 88%
Football Women's 85%
Netball 84%
Canoe and Kayak 79%
Football Men's 76%
Trampolining 75%
Equestrian Compete 71%
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Top 10 Societies

Society Turnout
Conservative 100%
Labour 100%
Product Design 100%
Paranormal 100%
Irish 100%
Bio-Veterinary 100%
Debating 92%
Politics 89%
Christian Union 87%
Comedy 85%
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