Daniel Sovrea

Competent Dauntless Creative Want to see a change Want to see who cares Want to be model justDANIEL

Scott Bonner

Vote Scott #1 for a stronger national voice.

Kudzai Muzangaza

My name is Kudzai and I am running to be your University of Lincoln Students’ Union NUS Delegate

Kyle Andrew Foster

Let me express your voice in important decisions

Bradley Allsop

'Bradley Allsop for NUS delegate- don't get mad, for vote Brad

Amber Natalie Newton

Vote Amber for your next NUS Delegate!

John-Paul Dickie

Vote your current VPAA, John-Paul, #1 for NUS Delegate - a strong voice for Lincoln nationally

Tasnim Hassan

Vote Tasnim Hassan, your current Vice President Welfare & Community, #1 for NUS Delegate!

Michael Kieron Daniell

Because sitting in a conference voting on motions people have barely read sounds like fun.

Adam Long

Make Your Vote Go A.LONG Way! Transparency - Involvement - Unity

Kyle Andrew Foster

Vote Kyle #1 VP Activities - Unison of Students. #Smile4Kyle

Amber Natalie Newton

Vote Amber Newton for your next VP Activities! #Ambs4Activities

Luke Exton


Victoria Goodwin

V for VP - Your Current Sports Officer

Mark Pastuszka

Module evaluations that work for you, and a chance to feed back on your feedback!

Grant Jackson Rebecca

Vote for Grant for VP Academic Affairs. Your Academic Voice in the SU

Tommy George

Vote Tommy George!

Isaac Jackson

The role of College Officer can bring benefits to every member of the SU.

Kudzai Muzangaza

There is room for change and improvement in our union. I can be the President to make that change!

Michael Kieron Daniell

Because why not?

Scott Bonner

Empowered democracy. Stronger national voice. Greater SU leader presence. Improved communication.

Gabriel Miles

Say no to Higher Fees. Say yes to a better SU. Vote for Gabe, and together we’ll go Miles.

Joshua Grinsell

Not Joshing Around

Daniel Sovrea

Competent Dauntless Creative. Want to see a change? Want to see who cares? Want to be model just DANIEL

Hayley Jayne Kirk

“If I Can Do it, You can Do It!”

Jack Frederick Dos Reis Silva

I am a hard worker, a team player, a leader and up for the challenge of being the school rep

Ali Salim Ali Al-Saeed

Hello my name is Ali Salim Ali Alsaeed, I’m a third year computer science student here at Lincoln.

Muhammad Imran Buledi

understand international students problems, and come up with different ways to solve those problems.

Jiachen Liu

Your current Vice-president of Chinese society

Chi Linh Pham

Hi, I am Chi. Studying at UoL is the best decision I’ve ever made. Let's create memories together.

Nicola Giles

I am studying Politics and International Relations and want to be School Rep.

Charlotte Emily Stone

Charlotte Stone for Social and Political Sciences School Rep

Arden Mower

I have enjoyed being your School of Chem rep and I hope to continue to do so in the 2017/2018 year.

Alexander Dyson

My name is Alex Dyson and I am going into my second year of Mechanical Engineering.

Beatriz De Arcos Marin

Betty for Social Science College Officer

Connor James Delany

Vote Delany, Vote Change, Vote for a better Union, Vote no to higher tuition fees.

Rebekah Allanah Self

Your Welfare, Your Community, YourSELF! Vote Rebekah to make things better!

Emma Ord

Re-elect Emma for RAG officer!!

Michaela Ormrod

I'm Michaela, second year English student and current Women's Officer

Joshua Reade

Hey guys! I'm Josh, studying Business and Finance and I'm running for the position of school rep.

James Ryan Bayliss

Hi I’m James Bayliss. I am going into my second year of Mechanical Engineering.

Chloe Rollings

A confident, conscientious and experienced course rep with the drive to fully support students.

Filip Adam Grzejszczyk


Charlotte Buono


Molly Harper

I hope to make many positive changes to the school throughout the year.

Caitlin Holloway

“When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”-M. Stepanek

Jasmin Zenobia Woodward

I’m Jasmin and I am running for school rep for the school of English and Journalism.

Natalie Magnuszewski

Hi! My name`s Natalie Magnuszewski! I`ve been part of many societies since I`ve begun University and now am a treasurer for one of the committees! I have a good insight into the workings of the SU; how they work with societies and how they help us! Our societies need a voice, and, as someone who is personally a part of the societies, and with the aims in my manifesto, I would like to be your next Societies Officer!

Nial Francis

Psychology School Rep

Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert for LGBT+ Officer

Claire Elizabeth Hodge

I am running for School Rep because I am determined to carry on making improvements for you all!


Unique Voters


Total Votes




College Turnout
College Of Science 11%
College Of Social Science 9%
College Of Arts 9%


School Turnout
School Of Psychology 17%
School Of Social And Political Sciences 15%
School Of Computer Science 14%
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Year of Study

Year of Study Turnout
2 11%
3 11%
1 8%


Origin Turnout
International 16%
Europe 10%
Home 9%


Sport Team Turnout


Society Turnout


Rep Turnout

Top 10 Sport Teams

Team Turnout
Rugby League 80%
Netball 62%
Volleyball 50%
Water Polo 46%
Cheerleading 45%
Sailing 44%
Basketball Women's 40%
Touch rugby 37%
Swimming 37%
Gaelic Football 35%
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Top 10 Societies

Society Turnout
Chinese students & scholars association 85%
Conservative 54%
Journalism 47%
Sociology 44%
Get Savi 42%
Labour 39%
Fashion and Design 38%
Juggling 33%
Medical 32%
Criminology 32%
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