Students Consulting on Teaching (SCoTs) puts you on the front line of supporting and developing great learning and teaching at the University. As a SCoT, you’ll conduct consultations across a range of teaching environments: from seminars, lectures, through to the virtual learning environment – Blackboard. As with any consultancy, you take an objective role, observing the situation from the perspective of a student and provide constructive reflection of your experience in feedback to a requested academic.

What are the benefits to you?

As a SCoT you will develop a range of skills through first-hand experience of being a consultant. Training in conducting a number of differing observation types and delivering feedback within a professional environment, will provide you with crucial transferable skills for use in your future career.

Working in a professional environment you will get chance to meet members of staff from across the institution, to directly ensure the best quality of the student experience.

Work Ready

Work Ready covers all the different ways we can help you develop your employability skills, and know how to use them when applying for jobs. This opportunity can provide you with the skills to prepare you for employment or additional higher education.

What support is available?

Full training will set you up to be a successful SCoT, giving you the information on how teaching works at Lincoln, what happens during the consultation process and how to deliver feedback positively. You will also receive feedback throughout the year.