Each year we partner up senior managers from the University, including the Vice-Chancellor and directors of professional services, to give you an insight into how the university works and give you an opportunity to share your experiences of being a student with them.

If partnered, you meet up throughout the year with your manager and shadow each other for the equivalent of one day; this could be through going to some of their meetings or by bringing them along to a seminar. After your initial shadowing, you then meet up regularly on a more informal basis.

What are the benefits to you?

You will get to see what it takes to be a senior manager, by developing an understanding of how the manager you are paired with achieved their goals and ambitions. You will see the inner workings of the University of Lincoln, giving you a snapshot of senior-level decision making.

You’ll gain knowledge in a specific field of interest, for example international recruitment, finance or research. Being partnered with a senior manager also provides great networking opportunities as well as meeting lots of people within your field of interest..

Work Ready

Work Ready covers all the different ways we can help you develop your employability skills, and know how to use them when applying for jobs. This opportunity can provide you with the skills to prepare you for employment or additional higher education.

What support is available?

If part of the opportunity, you will be fully briefed before you meet your senior manager. Your manager and their personal assistant will be your first point of contact and support, but we will work with you to arrange your first meeting. We'll also be on hand throughout the year to answer any questions you may have.