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Activities bring together students with common interest and help them to pursue a hobby or activity they are interested in.

You can find out about our current sports teams and societies on their own profile pages, but if there isn’t anything you fancy don’t be put off; follow our step-by-step guide to creating your own club or society. It’s really easy to do and we will help you along the way.


Step 1. Find 10 members for Societies and 15 for Clubs.

You will need to find a minimum of 15 students who would want to join the club and a minimum of 10 students who would like to join your society.


Step 2. Form a Committee

A Committee should be formed to set membership prices and provide details of what activities the club or society will be involved with.

A New Club or Society form needs to be completed and submitted electronically to sports@lincolnsu.com or societies@lincolnsu.com


Step 3. Go to Committee.

A vote will be taken at the Sports & Societies Committee to confirm whether the club or society may be formed.


Step 4. Formed

If passed by the Sports & Societies Committee, the new club or society will officially be formed.

There’s limited funding for new teams in the first year of existence but the Activities Office will do its best to help you find training time and offer advice on funding.


If you require any help contact the Activities Office at sports@lincolnsu.com or societies@lincolnsu.com


Take a look at the Activities we have on offer (and their prices) at the University of Lincoln Students' Union


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