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Student Loans and Finance

If you’re experiencing problems with your Student Loan,  for example it was supposed to appear in your account but hasn’t, you can either visit us at the Advice Centre or call Student Finance direct on

0300 100 0607 between 8am-8pm Monday to Friday or 9am-4pm at the weekend, to speak to a trained advisor. You can also check the progress of your loan at www.gov.uk/student-finance


1).Don’t forget you will always need your Student Support/Customer Reference number ready (you can get it off their website www.gov.uk/student-finance if you’ve forgotten it)

2). Always remember to ask the name of the person you are speaking to in case you need it for future reference!

3). Keep positive and persevere through the amazing hold music as they will be really busy at peak times. If you’re worried about using your minutes up, feel free to pop in to the Advice Centre and use our phone!

Top tips to maximise your income:

  • Check you have applied for the full funding available to you via Student Finance
  • Find a part-time job with flexible hours to fit around your degree – visit the SU’s Job Shop page here. (hyperlink?) The Job Shop can also help with National Insurance Numbers if you are an International student.
  • Look around for your Student bank Account – is your bank giving you the best deal? (never forget that overdrafts WILL have to be paid off)
  • If you meet certain criteria you may be eligible for Government Welfare or benefits.

    Budgeting Tips

Make a weekly budget! Add up all your total expected income, include part-time job earnings, all Student Finance including grants, welfare/benefits and anyone expected one-off payments.

There are 42 weeks of term time so a good idea is to divide your total income amount by 42.

If you fill in the Budgeting sheet below – you can see if you are spending too much money in a section you can’t really afford to! It can be upsetting to stop buying luxuries you’re used to having, but if you budget properly you will be able to treat yourself!

Outgoing Fixed:

Average Cost per week

Running Total:







Utilities (Water Gas Electric)



TV License & Wifi






Outgoing Variable:



Food & Toiletries









Travel (car if owned)



Child Care



Medical Costs (e.g prescriptions)



Study Costs (e.g books)



Sports & Hobbies



Debt Repayments









Total/ Shortfall:



Minimising Expenditure

Top Tips to minimise your spending:

  • Go back to your budget and split everything in to Essentials Vs Desirables – Be honest with yourself about Want vs Need.
  • Shop smart when buying groceries. Look for supermarket own branding and make the trek to big supermarkets or shop online – Don’t be sucked in by your local express store!
  • Try and use your flexible contact hours to your advantage – find the local Meat & Veg market for quality, low priced local produce.
  • Be inventive with old items – check out the hundreds of blogs on how to recycle your clothes and still keep bang on trend.
  • Bring out enough money for a social event and a taxi home – Don’t take out your Bank card and wake up with £0000000
  • Review your memberships and subscriptions that are direct debits. See if there is a pay as you go alternative.



Are you in debt? It’s not uncommon for students to have a certain amount of debt and keeping up with repayments when you’re at University can be a struggle.

Are you worried? It’s so important that you take steps to address debt, ignoring it won’t make it go away and we’re here to direct you to correct service to help.

University Debt? Paying off money owed to the University is vital! Money owed to services such as the Library can affect your re-enrolment or Graduation.

Thinking of taking a short-term loan out online? Come and chat to us first – don’t feel like this is your only option.

International Students

For any Visa or Funding issues as an International Student, please visit the Advice Service in the University’s Student Support Centre (Ground floor of the Main Admin Building opposite the shop) As Soon As Possible.

What help is out there?

If you are in financial hardship, or have realised that you will be soon, please don’t wait – come and talk to us as soon as possible so that we can chat about options to improve the situation. We understand that money-related issues can be very stressful and we’re always here to chat in a non-judgemental environment.

There are various systems in place at the University to help if you’re struggling, including Short-term loans and a ‘Hardship Fund’ which is a non-repayable grant.

To find out more get in touch and our advisors will support and advise you and make you an appointment with the Student Funding Team if necessary.

Student Support Centre (Student Funding Team)
Email: adviceappointments@lincoln.ac.uk
Phone: 01522 837 080
Drop-in: 12-2 Monday-Friday