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Knowing your rights as a student when it comes to repairs, contractual issues, return of deposit and safety issues can be difficult at times. We are here to make sure whether you’re in University property or renting locally, you know your legal rights, what you are signing for in a contract and what you can look out for when house hunting. All you need to do is ask!


Questions to ponder…

…When choosing housemates… you love them but can you live with them?

…Does the book fit it’s glossy property cover?

… Would you like us to help you wade through some contract jargon?

… Why not pick up a free Housing leaflet from the Advice Centre?

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Right to Rent Regulations 

designed to stop people who are in UK without permission from obtaining access to rented accommodation. In order not be discriminatory, those regulations apply to all; British nationals, EU nationals and nationals of all other countries. You should not be offended if a landlord asks to see your passport or other documents which confirm your immigration status. A landlord or letting agent will wish to protect their position in law by checking that a prospective tenant is lawfully here. A British or EU national can satisfy the check by showing their passport or other documents such as a driving licence or a birth certificate. For International Students who are here lawfully, the checks are equally simple and can be satisfied by showing a Student Visa and a letter from the University confirming that you are a registered student.

List of documents which you may need to show your landlord, if asked:

  • UK passport
  • EU passport or identity card
  • Other (than UK or EU) passport with a stamp that shows the holder is allowed to stay in the UK for a time-limited period (student visa stamp).
  • Permanent residence card or travel document showing indefinite leave to remain
  • Home Office immigration status document
  • Letter from the University confirming your enrolment


The Landlord must:

View the original versions of the acceptable documents for ALL adult tenants, in the presence of the holder of the documents, and retain COPIES with a record of the date on which the check is made

You can find more information on Right to Rent here.