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We Are Lincoln Awards Shortlist
Take a look at your shortlisters

posted 27th March 2017 at 9:00am

Take a look at the different awards and who's been shortlisted in each category before voting who you think should win each category! Find the link to vote at the bottom of the article.

Sports Personality of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated dedication and hard work within sport bringing fresh new ideas with enthusiasm and drive.

Polly Orgill - Women's Rugby Club
Polly embodies all of the key elements of a true sportswoman. She engages coaches and players from the opposition in friendly conversation, on a week without a match she is the first to organise a group to go and support other sports teams from UoL and is always one to motivate those around her to strive to be the best they can be.  
She has dedicated an unfathomable amount of her time to rugby, founding the touch rugby society, acting as our contact with the RFU, acting as our O2 touch and ambassador, ensuring relations with the men's union team and rugby league team, as well as being our vice captain and Vice President.  
It has been a huge privilege to play alongside such a passionate and talented player.She's the heart of the rugby team. Her passion for the sport is admirable and she's got so much love for everyone and is someone the university should be proud of.

Eleanor Steedman - Netball
I am nominating Eleanor for this award due to the dedication, commitment and hard work that she has put into the Netball Club. I have witnessed and admired the ways in which Eleanor had lead and supported her society,  she organised a group of girls to perform at a fundraiser I was organising for my own society.
Their performance were one of few who took the event seriously and really contributed to making the night a success.he is always pushing the girls to achieve their very best and works really hard to make sure the Netball Club is the best that it can possibly be. She is a huge role model to the younger members of the club and all the girls love and respect her immensely.
Eleanor has always been keen to get involved and help other sports teams where she can, including ensuring Netball attend fundraisers, getting involved with joint socials etc.  I have always thought Eleanor deserves recognition for this which is why I'm nominating her for Sports Personality.  Eleanor's commitment and passion towards netball and helping others perform to the best of their ability is phenomenal.

Charlie Warwick - Cricket
Charlie warwick for sports personality of the year. He has ensured that although crickets BUCS season doesn't start until April, that the cricket club has attended and got involved with as much sport as possible as he has also done individually!
They've attended fundraisers such as the dance one, where one of their members actually got involved and the netball quiz. He has also been to lots of different sports Matches such as footsall, volleyball, squash and netball to support Lincoln teams and watch them play whether they win or lose really demonstrating the "we are lincoln" ethos.
He's also kept up encouragement through the crickets twitter page, in which a lot of "banter" is kicked around between all of the sports team and continues to support all teams through this media. To me this is the definition of a sportsman, and I really do think this should be recognised, hopefully through this award.  

Society Personality of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated dedication and hard work within societies bringing fresh new ideas to the society with enthusiasm and drive.

Tarnjit Singh Rama - Pharmacy
Tarnjit has been with the pharmacy society since day 1, we arrived at Lincoln and he had the idea of setting it up and with the help of fellow students he achieved this. Over the years he has been a driving force behind some of the great successes of the pharmacy society. He has served as vice president, Treasurer and president (this year) and has always been an inspiring and motivating person.
He is passionate about what he does and encourages others to get involved. This year alone he has been the driving force of some great charity fundraisers and also events such as the inter-pharmacy society sports tournament at the University of Nottingham.
His dedication over the years deserves recognition therefore I am nominating him for this award. This society it recognised through the school with tarnjit as it's founder and has been known as "father pharmacy".

Jade Mace - Musical Theatre Society
Jade has been a committed and friendly member of the musical theatre committee from the very beginning however due to recent events, she taken on extra responsibility for positions of President, Musical Director and Choreographer.
She has completely stepped up, boosted morale and brought us all together to make sure we finish the show. Shes quite wonderful.  
Whilst anyone would appear to struggle under this pressure, Jade has taken it one step at a time, and flourished. Without Jade the chances of us performing a successful musical would have diminished massively, which is why I'm nominating/voting for her  she has done above and beyond what her role as Social Secretary requires.
She's been the heart and soul of the committee and the society as a whole. She's such a brilliant person so doing this along side her studies and without faltering.

Jordan Letih - Musical Theatre Society
Jordan Leith deserves this award because he’s put the Musical Theatre Society above any other of his responsibilities. As an experienced Drama student and Actor stepped forward to help lead the show through its last few weeks of rehearsals and is doing an incredible job. I’m incredibly proud of him and he deserves this.

Michael Beard Award (Coach of the Year)

The award is given to the coach who was considered to have made the most substantive contribution to the University of Lincoln Students’ Union sports programme over the course of the year.

Katie Maloney
Katie has never missed a training session. Ever. Bar some extenuating circumstances on a few occasions, which cannot be helped. She gave up her opportunity to swim and train with the team to be their coach. Devising individual training plans and tailoring each club set careful to suit each competitive swimmer. A very difficult thing to do.- Her coaching of the competitive squad resulted in every swimmer PB'ing over both BUCS competitions,
She initiated our partnership with lincoln vulcans. Under Katie's coaching we had 10 county qualifiers and one county champion with several finalists, She is the first swimmer in Lincoln Swims history to ever make a BUCS final, Katie has got up at 6 every saturday morning to take the training sessions and absolutely smashing Hull at Varsity.
Some members saw seconds knocked off their personal bests - an absolutely phenomenal achievement! This derives from her passion for the sport and pure desire to help others to improve, no matter what ability. Katie has shown exceptional passion and drive for improving our swimmers at an individual level, her work ethic has allowed lincoln swim to be at our highest performance level yet and we would like to show our gratitude through nominating her for this award!

Hannah Russell
I would like to vote Hannah for coach of the year. Hannah has played a massive role at ULNC since she began at the university four years ago, Hannah now currently studies a masters at Nottingham however still fits in two training sessions a week. She is the most amazing netball coach ever! Always makes training fun, fulled with energy and motivates everyone throughout training and every match!!!!  
Hannah has been a fantastic coach to the netball team this season. She is extremely motivating and encouraging all of the time. She juggles coaching the girls alongside studying for a masters degree and all of the girls have so much respect for her and really take on board what she has to say.
There is a noticeable different in the girls play during matches when Hannah is able to come and watch as she is a huge presence to have on the side line and constantly encourages and gives tips to the girls throughout the game. For example, the second team had a game in which they were losing at half time - at half time Hannah arrived and, due to her motivation and spirit, they ended up winning the game convincingly.
Hannah makes training both enjoyable and worthwhile, thinking of useful and innovative practices for every training session which ensures the girls are constantly improving and never bored! Not only does Hannah coach the netball girls on a Monday night at training, this year the club introduced fitness sessions every Friday morning at 8am and Hannah organises and leads these sessions on her own.
She has planned the sessions every week and, once again, is enthusiastic and positive throughout. These sessions have really improved the girls' fitness levels and, therefore, their ability to perform in matches and Hannah is to thank for this.
The third team have one final BUCS match to play and if they win it then they will be promoted and the second team are due to finish either 2nd or 3rd in their league (which is fantastic considering they were promoted to a higher league at the end of last season). This proves that the amount of effort Hannah has put into the netball club has been extremely valuable and has definitely paid off.
The netball club are incredibly lucky to have had her on board this season and they all love and appreciate her very much! She is an inspiration to all coaches and players. I think this years results of all three of the teams has proven how great Hannah is and why she deserves this award.

Joe Beeson
I am nominating Joe (Joseph) as Coach of the Year because, of how much he has grown as a person. Having knowing him for the last two years, i have seen him grow with such confidence. Last year he was extremely shy and hardly talked to anyone. Now he is comfortably teaching over 40 members how to become better within archery.
Archery hold two sessions every week. and without his full commitment, we would not have been able to hold any sessions. Archery for most members is very social, with a relaxed environment in which we are able to de-stress. However Joe especially needs to concentrate and have his whole attention on the well-being of all the members. Guiding them in what can be seen as a dangerous sport.

Joe is a coach of the Archery Club. He volunteers to take this huge role and has given up a lot of time for our club just because he really likes archery without getting a pay as we do not have funds for the position. However, being sociable is a contrast to his true personality as he is so shy. Last year, he was very quite and did not really talk others, but things started to change and now he is more confident in what he is doing and becomes a friendly person. Also, he appears to be calm and supportive when teaching even though he is not fully being himself, but it is still excellent to see this improvement. Therefore, I think he should be accredited for, so I nominated for him :)

Pride of Lincoln Award

Overall individual who has shown outstanding single achievement and brought acclaim to the University. The individual will be involved in the clubs or societies structure or a Volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to developing sport at the university or in the community.  This award will be decided and presented by Sue Ripley.

Sports Club of the Year

Awarded to the sports club who have gone over and above what is asked or expected of them across the board.  Everything from achieving great results, noticeable development to staging legendary socials, innovative fundraisers and attended training in 2016/2017.

Women's Rugby Club
The club has progressed so much in the last two years, going fro strength to strength, landing themselves 2nd place in the Midlands 2A league, and a place in the final of the Midlands conference cup.
The club is also one of the largest and well known on campus, with a strong social and fundraising contingent alongside the competitive sporting mentality. They also were the finale event for varsity and got a massive win giving lincoln a lot of points helping them to win varsity.
Very deserving girls that have shown that women can do what men can do!  A team that the university should be proud of.

The dodgeball team are still only a relatively unknown sport with students around campus but the club has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. The sport now has over 50 members this year from competitive to social members.
The club faces so many difficulties but we always power on through. One difficulty the club faces is finance, our committee did raise £1000 with the SU's non-BUCS competitive grant which has helped the club so much this year and it was amazing to be able to get this money that meant we could go to 3 tournaments this year.
We often have a lot of issues when it comes to tournaments, this year seeing one of our women's tournaments being cancelled just 5 days before the tournament, meaning we lost money on an already booked coach. However, even though we experience these negative things, dodgeball is still an amazing sport to be part of.
Our training sessions are a great place for people to meet others, gain friends for life and just be able to have a laugh and take time away from any stresses of university life. The club prides itself on being a place for people of all abilities and gender. We adapt the club to suit the wants of members and always strive to make it an as inclusive club as possible.
Most importantly, this year sees the second year our club has brought back medals to Lincoln! So far this year, our women's team won bronze medals at a tournament in Sheffield in February.
Not only is this important and special for our club, our SU and our university but we are (currently) the only competitive dodgeball team in Lincolnshire so when we go to these tournaments we represent the whole of Lincolnshire and winning these medals means so much more! We still have 1 more tournament for the women plus the university open in May for both men and women and we are certain our teams will do brilliantly.

I am nominating badminton as sports club of the year down to the fantastic work they do as a society. The club has had a fantastic season, with all four teams coming either top of their league or very close! The society have held a number of fundraisers over the year, and attended open days to raise awareness and money for the club, these have been incredibly successful.
In addition to this, the club always integrate the social and team members in all events to create a friendly, lively and welcoming atmosphere- this is shown in our fortnightly social events where we always end up as a big group at quack!
Our inclusivity and out welcoming nature was brought out at varsity where we managed to get a third men's team to play a friendly game at short notice, we then all partied the night away in out reserved room for Hull and Lincoln at trebles before heading onto Engine Shed.
Considering badminton are quite a small society we certainly get our name out there with out amazing socials, fundraisers, sports hub attendance and how we get involved in everything we can such as healthy campus week. For all of these reasons and more is why badminton should win sports club of the year!

Society of the Year

Awarded to the society who have shown they’ve got the lot! Everything from achieving participation rates to staging legendary socials and innovative fundraisers in 2016/17.

Peace of Mind
I am nominating peace of mind for the society of the year award as their committee have put in non stop work over the year organizing campaigns and fundraisers including the love your body campaign which saw the creation of a giant heart and notes about what students love about their bodies and a insecurity balloon release.
There has also been many workshops such as two art therapy workshops one with an art therapy students and other workshops such as 12 steps to positive well being, body image and DID all open to members and non members aiming to tackle stigma and raise awareness and create a wider support network for students.
They have also held many sober socials for members aiming to get students who do not necessarily enjoy the stereotypical student party lifestyle to still go out and socialise and make friends including pizza parties, ghost walks, film nights and pancake party which has seen many people make new friends and feel more confident at the university.
They have worked closely with the wellbeing centre having monthy meetings promoting meditation, workshops and many campaigns as well as working closely with welfare and community to help run su events such as world mental health day. They have also worked with other societies such as get savvi on their sexual abuse against women campaign and involved sing it, the comedy society and womens football with events such as the love your body campaign which saw over 150 people come down for a night of music, comedy and feel good stalls.
As well as being in close contact with the disability officer and LGBT to see what they have going on and how they can work together. They have also gone out into the community having stalls at the student lock in event at the waterside shopping centre and working with charities such as BEAT and the Shaw mind foundation along with trigger press which involved the making of several videos for their website and having one of their authors come in and do a talk on anorexia which saw over 30 students come along as well as working with them on their petition to get mental health education taught in schools.
Finally they have done constant work with students helping out with assignments on mental health for journalism, media, art including making videos and podcasts to help raise awareness. This has been an excellent year for peace of mind increasing members from 15 to 76 since last year and having a turn out of at least 20-30 people at every event reaching up to 60 at some socials, using a wide range of different events to attract different people no matter what you like to do.

Christian Union
Their dedication to show care and support to all on campus has been outstanding! The fact that they put on public events for free with no pressure to convert those attending, has really impressed me and many others I have spoken too.
I have heard about their good works while out on 'waterstation' duty, which is when members hand out free water bottles to those coming out of Quack. Often they walk intoxicated people back to their flats, safely.
As a member of the society, I have witnessed their amazing organisation and community bond. It honestly feels like a family environment, where everyone is comfortable enough to share their high and low-points of their week, recieve great talks from a variety of leaders from around the city and members are confident that they'll get support in many forms. It is a society that has genuine compassion for those involved and those in all of Lincoln.
I will undoubtably miss the University of Christian Union when I leave, as it has been a source of comfort over my three years here and I have made some everlasting memories which will always be cherished.

Gaming Society
I would like to nominate my society, the gaming society for Society of the year. As a council we have had a truly amazing time this year partaking in some brilliant events such as 8 out of 10 Swans and the murder mystery night.
Not only that but our society has seen significant growth this year, with 93 members we have 40 more members than we did last year, despite the majority of last years members graduating. Our society has really taken off with some brilliant first years who give us tons of confidence moving forward with the future of the society.
We have also raised nearly £1000 for the charity special effect with another fundraiser planned to raise hopefully a similar amount. We have also run a trip to Manchester for Play Expo which was brilliant and everyone had an amazing day out. It truly believe our society members are amazing selfless people who really embody the we are Lincoln spirit and are shining examples of excellent ambassadors for the University..

Academic Society of the Year

For the society who engages those who aren’t on their course as well as providing relevant social events for those that are. Showing support for each other in their course and going that extra mile in everything they do.

Since the foundation of the society's time the society has worked hard to build a good reputation for itself whilst also promoting the work and reputation of Lincoln School of Pharmacy and maintaining the reputation of the Students' Union and the University. I love the end of year sessions before the exams as they highlight bits to myself that I need to revise prior to the exam.
They work closely with the school tutors so all sessions are really a 'must not miss'. The Pharmacy Society has been fortunate to have the opportunity to hold numerous fundraisers to support local and national charities. The society has received praise from school staff and appreciation from the charges.As an academic society, Lincoln PharmSoc provides academic support sessions and holds discussion groups that provide peer support for students that may not understand certain concepts of the curriculum.
The society was set up as a networking, communication and support hub for students' within the School of Pharmacy and it sure has done that over its time. Due to its amazing growth and continuous a academic support as well as social engagement From the Christmas meal to the Lloyds Pharmacy Sports Tournament in Nottingham and charitable efforts, the society overall deserves to be recognised as academic society of the year. 

Fashion and Design
The Fashion and Design Society has consistently held workshops and socials throughout the year, holding one a week. All of these have been funded through our small membership fee of £7 for the year (minus tax) or through fundraising by the society itself. I believe this to show their dedication to providing good value to students as well as trying to keep up high levels of engagement.
The society has also been involved with activities external to the SU, holding a free Upcycling Workshop open to all students in partnership with the University Go Green Week. As well as being invited to attend London Fashion Week Festival with Lincoln Big.
Internally in the SU it has organised an 'Anything But Clothes' workshop followed by social in partnership with Cheerleading. The workshop was fully organised and funded by ourselves.
The society has also successfully applied for funding and fundraised themselves in order to go on a trip to the NEC Clothes Show in Birmingham. It was also the first society to apply for and receive funding through the new feather award scheme.

They are a great society, and they give useful certificates and knowledge to put on you cv


Gold Feathers

Acknowledgement of every society who has achieved a feather Bronze/ Silver or Gold across the Academic; Events; Social & Wellbeing; Liberation; Community or Democracy.  All Gold Feather Frames are presented with an additional Award to the Society who has achieved the most Criteria

Membership Engagement Award

Awarded to the Sports Club or Society who enjoys a healthy relationship with all of its members and encourages student involvement and engagement on both a sporting/ society and social level. Lead and motivated them throughout 2016/17.

Drama Society 
All of our members have been amazing this year with all of them getting involved in all 3 of our productions, as well as regular large turn outs at socials and helping out at fundraiser and SU events. They are also willing to get involved with our projects outside of the committee! They have helped promote us and been more that happy to volunteer their help in setting up etc.

Lacrosse Club
They have increased their intake of members hugely this year and have achieved a club that is united as one and have integrated friendships between the Men's and Women's teams. They make members feel included and have even introduced a development team to enable the multitude of girls to get involved, arranging friendlies and competitions off their own backs to ensure membership engagement.
Socials have included non-alcoholic ones such as cinema trips and quizes to ensure that everyone can feel included. Though President, Adam Long and his close relationship with the SU, we took part in varsity and in healthy campus week allowing the club to keep engagement with other sports and keep members committed with plenty of escorting events outside of weekly training.

Mountaineering Club
A fantastic range of trips in the UK and overseas, training opportunities for members, very diverse membership, collaboration with other societies and dedicated members.
The society has offered a fantastic range of trips and activities over the last year including: a 2 week expedition to Vietnam, winter skills training in the Alps, summitting the 3 highest mountains in the UK, survival training, rock climbing, camping and navigation alongside  a range of socials. The society's membership has almost doubled this year and is one of the most diverse clubs on campus.
Membership includes: undergraduate and postgraduate students, full and part time students, mature students and Alumni and Associate members. The society is also home to a number of overseas students including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Belarus, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.
The society has held joint events with the Rock Climbing Club and Table top society including socials, joint indoor bouldering / climbing and a summit of Mount Snowdon.
The society makes decisions based on democratic votes by membership and a members survey has helped the society deliver a range of trips based on members needs and feedback. Members take an active role in arranging trips and tasks are delegated to allow members to gain experience in a variety of roles.

Fundraising Award

Awarded to the Sports Club or Society who provided innovative and successful fundraisers in 2016/17

Dance Society 
At the beginning of the year, we had quite a few knocks that made us aware of how important fundraising had to be for us this year. Firstly, we lost the Engine Shed as a regular rehearsal venue, meaning we had to find somewhere else. Although we managed to find one, this made the cost of hiring our training facilities swell to £161 per week.
We also had to change kit suppliers and spend more on kit which meant that the £35 profit we normally made off each member who joins the society (their kit comes with their membership fee) was reduced to £10. Finally, the cost of entering competitions and booking facilities had to rise as it does every year.
Because of all these things, we sat down together as a committee to discuss what we could do to make sure we could afford everything we wanted without draining the account completely.
A year on, and we've pulled together and worked tirelessly hard to fundraise almost £5,000 for our society. Our biggest fundraising event of the year, 'Take Me Outta Here', raised £803 on its own when around 300 people came along to support us. In addition to this, we have hosted sports days, movie nights, quiz nights and lots more as well as making sure lots of our members utilise the £1 back from Quack scheme.
We have done a couple of bag packing sessions at local supermarkets which generally raise us an average of £500 a time, and have also held smaller, monthly fundraisers where our members can pay £1 to take part.
 In November, we were awarded £1,000 from the Development Grant after putting together a presentation and a promotional video to show the SU how the money could benefit us. We are still extremely grateful to the panel for giving this to us.  
In addition to all of the above things, we have also recently exceeded our targets with our sponsor, Revs Lincoln, meaning they will soon be giving us £500. All in all, it's been an overwhelmingly successful year for us in terms of fundraising and we certainly hope that future committees of the dance society build upon the strong foundations that we've worked so hard to establish.

Badminton has worked tirelessly over the past two years for raising funds for the society. They have put on fundraisers that are different and exciting for students to engage with, not just a typical bake sale!  Fundraisers have included "Slave for a day", "Bring a friend" to badminton (which was so successful it was done twice!), a Casino fundraising formal as well as motivating the society to partake in numerous applicant days.
Our Self raised funds have risen from a mere £120ish to £250ish, but this year our Self raised funds currently stands at over £750. We have been able to offer perks to the society including buying 16 rackets for social badminton, new plastic shuttles for them, paying for meals deposits for each member at our Christmas meal and currently the society has been able to order hoodies and sweatshirts as a thanks to the most engaged members who have enjoyed her events.
Without fundraising efforts we would not have been able to keep our membership at the price it is and considering we spend nearly £1000 on shuttles per year, the society would not have had the perks that it has had. Motivating students to part with their money is very difficult but badminton has excelled in both convincing members to go to quack, putting on and the promotion of fundraising events to ensure that Badminton has raised funds to benefit every member. Efforts deserve to be recognised!

Women's Football
Aaron Wright's cancer research funding. Put on an event in support of one of the girls boyfriends being diagnosed with bowl cancer at just 21. Set up a mixed tournament where many people got involved raised £87.88 for cancer research, as well as a night at the horse and groom with live music, a cake stand, waxing, and a raffle which raised £756.02. A grand total of £843.90 towards Aaron's JustGiving campaign for cancer research. Not only showing immense love and support as a team, but also working hard on such a worthy cause.

Committee Engagement Award

Awarded to the Sports Club or Society Committee who have engaged not only supported their  student members but also worked with the University of Lincoln Students’ Union throughout 2016/17

Leading a society of over 200 members can be stressful, tiring and challenging, but when a committee works together as well as the dance committee does, anything is possible. All members of the committee take pride in their roles and do them to the best of their ability, and sometimes more!
Organised quizzes, movie nights, themed nights and lots more to ensure that we always have money coming in. Biggest fundraiser of the year, 'Take Me Outta Here' earned us £803, and in total we have almost raised £5,000 this year thanks to these girls.
It takes the committee a lot of time and effort to organise everyone and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, at socials and competitions.Ran bi-weekly intense fitness classes which all competition dancers were required to attend.
In February when we won the most awards we've ever won at competitions - 3 awards at Nottingham Trent - and then we beat Hull in Varsity. The teamwork that we have achieved together has been one of the highlights of university for me. Overall, I could not have asked for a better committee to work with during my year as President of the Dance Society. They have been truly amazing and deserve nothing more than to be recognised for their success.

The netball committee is a fabulous group of girls. All 6 of them are very involved with how the society runs. Netball committee this year has been absolutely amazing. The 2016/17 Netball Committee have continued the success of last year's committee, constantly working to improve and better the society. The President, Eleanor Steedman has followed on from her fantastic work last year and continued to be consistently encouraging, motivating and supportive to the girls. She has successfully led the club to achieve great things throughout the year.
Every member of the club respects her and she is an incredible friend to every single one of them, going above and beyond her duties as President to ensure that all of the girls are looked after and included as part of the club. Her exceptional organisation ensures that the club is run smoothly and she is an incredible role model to the rest of the club, efficiently juggling the huge amount of work she has taken on as President along with studying for her final year of university.
The Vice President, Claire Murphy, has been a huge help to Eleanor with the running of the club. She has taken on any tasks assigned to her by Eleanor with an open mind. She has been a support to Eleanor and taken some of the pressure off of Eleanor. One of their main tasks this year has been negotiating with Akuma throughout the year with the problems the club faced with them in regards to orders.
This has taken up a lot of their time but they have remained positive and supportive throughout. The social secs, Sarah Cook and Lauren Spence, have done an amazing job at making sure that every member is included in the social aspect of the society and have created an emphasis on the importance of making friends and creating bonds within the squad through various activities and events.
They have worked hard to put a social on every Wednesday night and have made sure they put on socials that appealed to everyone so that all members felt included and enjoyed the socials. Their organisation and communication skills have been exceptional throughout the year. They have dedicated a lot of their time to organising and planning events to make sure that the social aspect of the club has been thoroughly diverse and fun for all members.
Our treasurer, Hester Davies, has continued her fantastic work from last year and has always made sure that the money is dealt with efficiently and quickly.
Finally, our fundraiser Faye has organised some fantastic events to raise money for our club which have all been successes. These have included, a movie night, a quiz night and an upcoming nails and henna pamper night! Faye has also been working hard, with the help of the rest of committee, to organise the first annual netBALL in cooperation with Entourage which they hope will be a big success and raise even more money for the club!
All the committee have worked well with one another, helping each other out with roles where necessary to contribute to the running and successes of the thriving netball club.

This year, equestrian social & equestrian compete merged to make one society; University of Lincoln Equestrian! The committee have worked hard to removed the barriers between the two societies and have everybody functioning as one, which has been pretty faultless. Each month, the committee run a "Rider of the Month" meal, where a member is recognised for their ongoing hard work, commitment & dedication to the club, recognised with a rosette and certificate and a free meal!!
On top of normal weekly lessons, the committee have organised & hosted events such as Nervous & Novice showjumping, friendly competitions as well as BUCS training & competitions & Varsity meaning that no matter what their riding ability, each and every member has had plenty to get involved with this academic year!

Event of the Year

Awarded to a society who has produced a well-planned and well attended event in 2016/17.  Societies  who are Successfully awarded an Event Feather will automatically qualify for this Award.

Peace of Mind
I am nominating peace of mind for their love your body campaign. This event aimed to promote positive body image and celebrate everyone's bodies no matter what size, shape, sex, race you are. This campaign involved many media resources, included the creation of a giant heart where people attached post it notes about what they loved about their bodies at the refreshers fair. The next day saw a balloon release so people attached to a balloon what they felt insecure about and then released it which aimed to make students feel more positive and confident releasing their insecurity. A body image workshop was also run which aimed to get people talking about body image and showed different ideals from around the world to see the wide variety of body perception. The week after saw a guest speaker Hope Virgo who battled anorexia for 4 years before being hospitalised who came and gave a talk about how she ended up with anorexia, her battle and her road to recovery which saw many students turn up and even purchase her book. Finally the campaign came to an end with the 'love your body live event' which consisted of stalls such as book, clothes, bake sale and then two stalls from the community one called savvy creations and also the craft bandits who were very popular. There was also performances from Amy Blinkhorn from womens football, the comedy society who also hosted the event and from the sing it society. This event attracted over 150 people and was a very enjoyable night which aimed to make people feel good, positive and more confident!

Clash of Codes
I am nominating rugby league and rugby union for event of the year with clash of codes. This event was a great collaboration between both teams which are otherwise rival sports teams and societies but they worked professionally together to pull off a great event and raise money for both of their societies.
The event had a great turnout of over 300 people attending, and brought awareness of the sports to the university whilst also positively contributing towards the new 'WeAreLincoln' motto by involving two sports and spectators who wouldn't normally be involved in sports at the university but went to support their friends on either teams.
Nadeem planned and coordinated one of the biggest sporting events at our university this year. With almost 300 people in attendance he not only coordinated transport to the event and promoted both on social media and around campus but also worked to secure sponsorship details for the event. Good sportsmanship showed from both Rugby Union and rugby league. A huge attendance at the game with tickets sold out.
The crowd was amazing and there were so many people there. Such a good event, so well organised and so much passion from all the members of both major societies involved!

Lincoln Pharmacy Society is deserving of this award for its Pharmacy Sports Tournament trip that was held at the University of Nottingham on Saturday 11th March. The President of the Pharmacy Society worked tirelessly in recent months to set up a networking hub for Presidents of eastern area pharmacy societies.
This was set up and Lincoln and other eastern societies learnt of a sports tournament that Nottingham were looking to hold. Lincoln Pharmacy Society got involved with the planning and arranged teams to represent Lincoln. The tournament was the 1st of its kind and was between 6 different pharmacy societies,  the Linciln team worked hard on this and were the only team apart from Nottingham to win any of the sports as it secured the winners certificate for the netball parts of the tournament.
Aside from being a sports event, it was a great networking opportunity for Pharmacy students at Lincoln to network with students from across the country who they'd never met before. This is extremely useful considering the worry about pharmacy jobs and careers due to the continuous government cuts.
This networking event also allowed students to discuss and share best practices with each other as well as more.↵↵It was a proud achievement for the Pharmacy Society to be part of planning this event aswell as taking part in it and it's hoped that the Students' Union overall are proud of this achievement. 

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