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Module Evaluations Winners!
Are you one of the first 20 winners of the cash prizes?

posted 4th December 2017 at 9:00am


You can win money for evaluating your modules- find out if you’ve won below! 

Thank you to those who have already evaluated their modules in this year’s Module Evaluations. The first 20 winners are shown below. If you have won, you will be contacted with details of how to receive your prize money. 

If you haven’t evaluated your modules yet, make sure you do at lincolnsu.com/modules – there are still 30 x £100 cash prizes to be won, and a final prize of £1000! 

Emma Jayne Ockwell

Emma Mellor

Ayirene Bino

Emily Kent

Khaled Kayal

Ashley John Roberts

Oliver Wright

Ethan Kocot

Chloe Mckay

Shannen Pomfrett

Georgina Louise Robertson

Tamara Bradbury

Alistair Mcdonald

Joseph Paul Cooper

Bethany Holt

Molly Rose Crawford

Molly Maddison

Victoria Wilson

Emily Rebecca Wootton

Amber Clark