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Who’s Who

Your Rep will introduce themselves at the beginning of the academic year via a lecture shout out and on social media. They’ll tell you ways to contact them if you’ve got anything you’d like to share or comment; they are in place to take your opinions and ideas forward, so make the most of it. If you’re not sure who your Rep is, log in to our website, where you’ll see who’s in place to represent you.



Your Rep should make themselves available to talk to you, either by holding drop-in sessions, via email and social media, or other methods to gain your opinions end feedback on your academic experiences. They’ll use the support systems which are in place to assist them in their role. The structure of the Academic Representation system means your Reps have the necessary contacts and meetings at hand to be effective. It's vital that both you and your Reps communicate frequently to ensure progress and improvements can be made.


Evidence-Led Representation

By actively gathering your ideas and feedback, Reps can ensure that in everything they do - from the feedback they give to campaigns they run and issues they bring up - their work is truly evidence-led. By making the most of the student voice on their course, changes and developments they hope to create are absolutely student-led and, because they have the weight of student opinion behind them, can be truly impactful. Academic Reps are change-makers, so make the msot of yours.

Reps do a lot of fantastic work; take a look as some of their successes here.


Your Voice at Meetings

Course Reps attend a variety of meetings and forums to represent your views and share ideas. From these meetings, Reps will feed back to their peers and complete any actions assigned to them. If you have anything you would like your Rep to bring forward, positive or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact them.


Students' Union Advice Centre

While your Reps are in place to represent you, there may be times when there is an issue which requires more specific support. In these instances your Rep will direct you to our independent Advice Centre, where members of staff can help and support you.