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What is a Postgraduate Rep?

Postgraduate Reps are elected on a by-School basis to represent their peers at Subject Committee Meetings and at wider College and Institutional Committees. They are elected roughly one Rep to every 25 students and represent students on both research and taught programmes.

Some Schools use the undergraduate Course Rep system, where Reps are elected per course, rather than by School. This is due to the number and variety of postgraduate courses that they offer. It is possible to elect PG Reps for research courses and separate Reps for taught courses, if this is what School staff and PG members feel would work best for them.

We understand that our Postgraduate members have a unique experience of University and, as such, that their needs differ from that of Undergraduates. This is why we aim to make the Postgrad Rep system as flexible as possible.


Why are PG Reps important?

It is no secret that the majority of the University’s population are Undergraduate students. This does not mean that the opinions of and problems faced by PG students are any less important. We aim to make sure that all students are represented equally, no matter what their level of study. Therefore, we need PG students to stand for election and represent their peers, as PG Reps.


What do PG Reps do?

They will regularly meet with the other Academic Representatives to discuss the progress of postgraduate programmes within the School. PG Reps attend Rep Forums with all undergraduate Course Reps to discuss issues with their School Rep. Part of Forum includes a break-out session where PG Reps will discuss issues directly affecting the Postgraduate community.
Some PG Reps will sit on Institutional committees (Academic Affairs Committee, University Research Ethics Committees, Academic Board – the University’s highest Board for educational matters).

Other PG Reps that are not members of these committees will be part of others at College level, which are equally as important and feed in to the institutional committees.


Who is my Postgraduate Rep?

You can find out who your Rep is by logging in to the SU website and clicking ‘Who is my Rep?’ here.