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We would encourage you to first try and resolve any concerns you have informally, for example by speaking with your Academic Tutor, Module Co-ordinator or Programme Leader.

 If you feel that you would like to speak to someone independent and impartial in full confidence then you can visit the Students' Union Advice Centre located opposite the library.

Course Issues your Rep can help with

If you're having any issues with your department or Course, such as timetabling, feedback, deadlines, etc., then grab your Course Rep!

Your Course Reps meet with key members of departmental/academic staff twice every semester to discuss the issues impacting students.

You can also contact Vice-President Academic Affairs. E academic@lincolnsu.com T: 01522 886144

Find the contact details of your Course Reps on your home page when you log in. Find the list of Senior Reps here.


Course Issues which may need a Formal Process

It is important to understand the distinction between an academic appeal and a complaint: an appeal is a challenge to a Board of Examiners decision, whereas a complaint can be made about any subject other than an academic decision and can be against any university department, faculty or even fellow student.


All appeals start with an informal process. Keep a record of any correspondence relating to your informal process. This method does not affect your right to use a formal process.


Once the informal process has been exhausted you can use the formal process.

The first step is to get in contact with the Advice Service (contact details below), who can tell you whether you have a case.

They will provide you with a complaint form, called a HoS1, which is also available from http://secretariat.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/student-contention/student-complaints/ for you to fill in and send to secretariat.

The Student Complaints Officer will then contact you about a meeting with your Head of School. They will have to carry out an impartial investigation including this meeting. They have 20 days to complete this. At the end they must produce a report which states whether the complaint has been upheld or not and how they came to their decision. This report is sent to the Student Complaints Officer, who will inform you of the outcome and of any further stages.

In most instances, a case will have been resolved by this point. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome you can speak to the Advice Service who will advise you on what to do next.

Students' Union Advice Service 

Email: advice@lincolnsu.com
Phone: 01522 837 000

Advice Service

E: studentsupport@lincoln.ac.uk T:01522 837080



First Name     Last Name     E-mail Address                Phone Number
lbaker@lincoln.ac.uk 01522 886665
mfox@lincoln.ac.uk 01522 886690
ccox@lincoln.ac.uk 01522 837004
jacquaye@lincoln.ac.uk 01522 886374



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