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What you can expect from the University

  • To assess your work in a way which is fair, efficient, professional and externally verified.
  • To give you clear information about when and how your assessments are due and how they will be marked at the beginning of the academic year and to provide an examination timetable at least 6 weeks in advance.
  • To give you a receipt for the work you hand in and to return in-course assessments to you promptly – no later than 15 working days after the submission date.
  • To give you helpful and timely feedback on all your assessed work.
  • To provide clear information about the availability of assessment results.
  • To tell you what happens if you hand in work late, do not submit an assessment or are suspected of any level of plagiarism or any other academic offence.
  • To give sympathetic consideration to any individual circumstances that might affect your assessments.
  • To provide an open, transparent and timely appeals process.


What is expected from you

  • To prepare for and complete all your assessments and to write and reference your work in an appropriate academic style.
  • To hand in your coursework on the due dates and to attend examinations/assessments.
  • To collect your returned work promptly and take note of the feedback offered.
  • Never to cheat in any way and to act responsibly in all assessments and examinations.
  • To tell us about any additional needs you have so that we can help you and, if necessary, make appropriate arrangements for your assessments.
  • To tell us about any special circumstances which might affect your work or your ability to meet coursework deadlines as soon as they occur and to give us sufficient independent evidence to support your case.
  • To use the appeals process responsibly.


Find more information in the Student Charter




Drop-in Assessment Sessions:


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 12-1.30pm.


Based in the Student Support Centre, the drop-ins operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please come early to avoid disappointment.


The Advice Team try to run these sessions all through the year, but please check with the Student Support Centre.



Opening Hours

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