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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a form of cheating where work that is not yours is used for credit in modules. It most commonly occurs within course assessments which are completed independently by students. There are different extents of plagiarism, from copying an entire assignment or copying sections of someone else’s work or a textbook, to as little as paraphrasing a source without referencing it. It is sometimes also referred to as academic dishonesty

Plagiarism is a serious offence. The penalties are severe, particularly for final level students, where a proven accusation of plagiarism will usually mean that you will not be able to obtain an honours degree, or even leave University with a degree at all. The consequences range from receiving a warning about plagiarism but no further action, to a mark of zero for that assignment only, to receiving zero for every assessment completed that year with no right to re-assessment or re-enrolment.


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