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Housing Checklist

It’s that time of year again. Your final term of the year is in full swing and you need to start thinking about packing up to move out in between your assignments and exams.

We know it can be a little daunting knowing what needs doing before you need to hand in your keys to your landlord and it’s not always easy arranging this with everyone you live with.

For more in depth information and important contacts take a look at our Housing Guide. If you feel you need more information on getting your deposit back or what your legal rights and responsibilities are take a look at our Housing Passport.

Whether you’re moving out from your first year or your final we have a checklist for you to go through to help you along.

  • Bought/borrowed/found lots of boxes
  • Thought about packing
  • Decided when to start packing
  • Started Packing
  • Thought about having a clear out
  • Decided when to have a clear out
  • Had a clear out
  • Donated anything you don’t need anymore
  • Started to eat your way through your freezer and cupboards
  • Donated any food you don’t want/need
  • Started to eat more takeaways to avoid washing up
  • Started to eat more ready meals to avoid washing up
  • Made arrangements to get home
  • Changed your address for mail/parcels
  • Talked to house mates about cleaning
  • Done your share of the cleaning
  • Agreed to chip in for a professional deep clean
  • Put rubbish/recycling in the right bins
  • Taken photos of your house/room
  • Talked to house mates about any final bills
  • Sorted your parts of any final Bills
  • Arranged when to put out the last bins
  • Arranged who will bring them in again
  • Asked a neighbour to bring them in if no one is around.
  • If needed provide any final utility readings to your provider
  • Found when you should expect your deposit back
  • Gone through inventory list you were given when you moved in