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We think it’s really important to let our volunteers know just how proud we are of you, and we like to have the opportunity to say thank you for everything you do.

As such there are a few things we do to recognise the time and help you have given to others, whether you’ve volunteered for the Students’ Union – maybe  in your sports team/society, as a Rep or an SU Helper – or when you’ve volunteered out in the community.


Logging Your Hours

We have a rewards and recognition scheme which runs from when you first enrol to when you graduate. Log your hours by going to lincolnsu.com/volunteering and clicking on ‘Sign In’ in the top right corner. Log in and then go to ‘my account’ also in the top right. On the left, click on ‘volunteering’ and it will allow you to submit your hours. Remember to include the name of the organisation or role you are volunteering for – i.e. the name of the charity or if you are a Rep or Committee Member

We carry out spot checks on submitted hours so we will contact the organisation on your behalf and once they confirm the hours are correct, we will sign them off for you.


Certificates will be issued based on the following hours of volunteering:




25 to 149 hours


150 to 299 hours


300 to 499 hours


500+ hours








For internal volunteering you will need to have your volunteering confirmed by Students’ Union staff members as follows:


Staff Member

Sports & Societies

Hannah Coleman

Academic Reps

Liz Smy

SU Helpers

Jane Kilby

Volunteer Officers

Jenny Barnes








For Community Based volunteering, your volunteer supervisor/co-ordinator at the organisation you volunteer with will verify your hours.                                

Volunteering Contact

Work Ready Contact

Work Ready Drop In

  • Tuesday 10th October, 2pm - 3pm, MHT.
  • Thursday 12th October, 2pm - 3pm, AAD.
  • Tuesday 17th October, 2pm - 3pm, Isaac Newton.
  • Thursday 19th October, 2pm - 3pm, Joseph Banks.
  • Tuesday 24th October, 2pm - 3pm, David Chiddick
  • Thursday 26th October, 2pm - 3pm, Careers & Employability Centre
  • Tuesday 31st October, 2pm - 3pm, Minerva.

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