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Become a Lincoln Welcome Ambassador

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Lincoln Welcome talks are delivered to all new members of University staff on a monthly basis to give them an overview of the student experience and how they can best offer their support to students. Within these talks, staff are asked to discuss how they can best impact the student experience through their new role, including how they engage with students and both academic and professional development.

Your role as a Lincoln Welcome Ambassador will be to help facilitate these discussions with new staff and to encourage all staff in attendance to consider their potential impact on students in their new role. You will receive full training for the role, including a background of the discussions you will be facilitating and training in how to facilitate them. Once you are trained, you will join a team of other trained Lincoln Welcome Ambassadors where the talks for the upcoming year will be distributed between you.

You can decide which sessions you want to be a part of, so you can work the opportunity around your timetable and other plans!

This opportunity is open to all students… get involved!

Did you know that your participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award? . Find out more about The Lincoln Award.



Benefits to you


Becoming a Lincoln Welcome Ambassador will provide you with a number of employability skills, such as…

  • Professionalism – you will be taken seriously in this role and will be working with a variety of new staff who will benefit from your guidance and insight
  • University knowledge – learn first-hand about how staff in different roles throughout the University engage with student learning and wellbeing
  • Time management and organisation – you can decide how the scheme fits around your other commitments
  • Communication – as you are taught in key facilitation skills, you will learn how to effectively engage a group and nurture discussions
  • Ability to learn and adapt – learn new skills to help you in this role and become flexible in adapting to each group of people
  • Confidence – feel confident that you are encouraging discussions



What support is available?



Each talk is run by a number of University and Students’ Union staff members, and you will also not be the only Lincoln Welcome Ambassador there, so you will always have support during the talks! You will work directly with the Academic Opportunities Team to complete the training and sign up to the talks, and to support you should you have any questions or issues.