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Use your experiences to improve teaching and learning

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Becoming a Student Consultant puts you on the front line of supporting and developing great learning and teaching at the University. You will consult with staff (and often other Consultants) to use your experiences as a student to provide an objective view of current teaching and learning practices (such as lectures, seminars, workshops, labs, assessments, Blackboard... the list is endless!). As with any consultancy, you get to observe the situation and provide constructive feedback about your experience, and work with staff to suggest improvements. This will ultimately impact on the quality of teaching and learning for you and other students.

You will receive full training for the specific role and task, including what makes good teaching and learning, how to give constructive feedback, and more! Once trained, you will be put in contact with the staff who requested a consultation, and start your consultancy task. On average, Student Consultants do 2 consultancies per year.

This opportunity is open to all students - there's nothing stopping you...

Did you know that your participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award? . Find out more about The Lincoln Award.


Benefits to you

Taking part will provide you with loads of employability skills, helping to make you 'WorkReady'.

  • Professionalism - you are taken seriously in this important role, working directly with staff

  • Consultancy - you will be fully trained in a variety of consultancy roles that are desired in many jobs after University

  • Broader knowledge of different teaching and learning styles - you learn first-hand about different teaching styles from staff and different learning styles from students on courses across the whole University. No doubt this will help in your own learning!

  • Confidentiality - you will be privelege to some of what goes on 'behind-the-scenes' and trained to respect procedures

  • Time management - you decide when you want to be involved by fitting the scheme around your other commitments

  • Reflection - see you are making a real difference and take that back to your own course

  • Confidence - feel proud that your voice is heard


What support is available?

You will be working directly with staff who will support you throughout your role. Every task is overseen by the SU and the Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching, who will provide you with relevant training to be successful, and support you throughout should you need to ask any questions at any time.


Don't just take our word for it, hear from a real Consultant!

"I really enjoyed being a Student Consultant! I loved learning from what other areas of the University there are. I find each person I meet offers potential tasks and skills which I can draw from later.

"I actually get a chance to use what I learn from my course in real-life practical situations. It's crazy that I can teach staff something, and they care about what I have to say to improve their teaching."

Alex, 2nd Year Computer Science