Study Group Buddies

Be paired with a Study Group student, to share, learn and support.

What is the Study Group Buddy Scheme?

As a Study Group Buddy you will be a point of contact for an international student throughout their first year at the University of Lincoln Study Group.

You will be able to provide opportunities for your buddy to socialize, meet others, and get involved within the University Community. So, in time, they can develop their own peer support network and get more out of their time at University.

Activities you can do with your buddy may include:

  • Accompanying a student to a social event to enable them to meet others
  • Accompanying a student to an exercise class to enable them to meet others.
  • Join a social society together
  • Offer help with their studies
  • Signpost to other services which the Students’ Union and the University offer (such as within the Advice Centre, Campaigns Network and community volunteering).

You will be there to support with tasks that increase integration and share your own experience at the University in order to help others

You will meet other students who are on the scheme, and your Study group partner at a Welcome Event arranged by your Vice President International. You will discuss where any additional support is required and you will then meet up regularly on a more informal basis throughout the year.

This opportunity is for International Students who have previously been a part of the Study Group only – if you are unsure just get in touch at [email protected]

Benefits to you

Not only is this an exciting opportunity to use your University experience in order to shape and improve another student’s experience, but taking part will give you lots of employability skills, helping to make you ready for work:

  • Professionalism - you are taken seriously in this important role working directly with international students
  • Networking- you will get the chance to experience and understand different cultures, meet like-minded students and gain the support from Students’ Union and University staff
  • Time management - you decide when you can meet, so you can fit this around your other commitments
  • Confidence - feel proud that your voice and real experiences are heard by current Study Group students

These skills can be logged on the Skills Log - Using this link, you can record the schemes and activities you have taken part in and build your own profile.

The Skills Log then provides you with a space to view your progress, and recognise how these opportunities are giving you key transferable skills which will enhance job applications following university.


As a thank you and to certify your involvement in the scheme, you will be given an exclusive certificate at the end of the year, which will state your logged hours from the Skills Log

What support is available?

You will be fully briefed before you meet your paired student. The Vice President International and the Head of the Study Group will be your first point of contact and support. We in the SU will also be on hand throughout the year to answer any questions you may have.

Did you know that your hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award?

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