'Feathers' are a fantastic way to earn money for your society, as well as earning accolades that showcase the great work you do every day.

In 2016 your Students' Union introduced the Feathers initiative for societies, giving you a chance to earn rewards and recognition for the hard work that you provide to your members, your SU, and the wider University community throughout the year.

Rewards are based on a set of 6 criteria which, if met, earn you money for your society, as well as an accolade to help showcase your society to new members each year. Feathers can be awarded at a Bronze, Silver or Gold standard, to each society that is able to hit the right criteria for each Feather.


Types of Feathers

Academic, Community, Democracy, Events, Liberation, Social and Wellbeing

What are the rewards?

Upon receipt of each Feather, societies will receive:

  • £15 for a bronze.
  • £30 (extra £15) for a silver.
  • £50 (extra £20) for a gold.
  • A digital copy of the feather to use on promotional material.
  • Increased chance of being nominated for an end of year award.
  • All gold feathers will be displayed annually in The Swan.

Societies will receive payment up until they reach £150 in total, and there is no limit for the amount of feathers a society can apply for!


How do I apply?

Your application is as easy as:

  1.    Decide on the feather
  2.    Fill in the criteria sheets found on Dashboard and attach any evidence you may have to the form
  3.    Submit to the Activities department
  4.    Wait for approval from the VPA and payment into the accounts


For more information on our Feathers policy and procedures, click to view the Feathers Accreditation Policy