If you're in need of a little bit of financial support for your activity, you're in luck!

We're all about supporting our sports and societies at Lincoln Students' Union. If you feel like your activity would benefit from an extra bit of support, then just scroll down to see how we can help you further.

2019/20 Funding Deadlines

Date Type of Funding
27th January, 12 noon

Competitive Grant Funding

5th February, 12 noon

Events/Bursaries/Development Fund

24th February, 12 noon

Events/ Bursaries/ Development Fund

4th March, 12 noon

Events/ Bursaries/ Development Fund

25th March, 12 noon

Events/ Bursaries/ Development Fund

27th March, 12 noon

Competitive Grant Funding

7th April, 10am

BUCS Individuals


Development Fund

If you're in need of some support to help develop your activity, your Students' Union can provide up to 80% of the funding you need for larger purchases (maximum £500). This can cover anything from coaches, equipment, events and more. All you need to do is put your request forward to the SU, attach the quotes, and your request will be considered for approval at your monthly Activities Hubs.


Events Grant

Got an exciting idea for an event or trip for your activity? Need some financial support?

If you've got an idea for an event or trip that you believe will be beneficial for your activity, then your Students' Union can help fund up to £500 of that trip!


Competitive Grants

Is your club taking part in non-BUCS competitions? Are competition fees burning a hole in your pocket?

The Students' Union's Competitive Sports Grant can consider applications of up to £1,000 to cover the fees of your competitions. Simply complete the form found HERE, and your request will be considered for approval at the next Competitive Grant meeting.


Coaching and Referee Bursary

Are you struggling to find a coach for your club? Can't afford the expenses of hiring someone in every week?

Well here's your solution.

The SU Coaching Bursary can help pay the fees of obtaining a coaching qualification for one of your 1st or 2nd year members so they are equipped to help your club throughout their university lives.


BUCS Funding

Want to take part in a BUCS competition or league? We have funding available!

To apply for funding for a competition, you'll need to complete a BUCS funding request form as far in advance to the competition as possible (we can't do anything if you're planning to compete tomorrow)! Put as much information on the form as possible, including quotes, then your application will be discussed at the next Participation Sub Committee and decided whether funding is given.

For competition funding, you are able to apply for any costs associated with the competition as well as competition entry.

If you wish to apply for league funding, an application form will need to be completed (1 per team) and submitted with as much detail as possible by the 1st April in order to be taken into consideration for the following year.

If funding is not given this doesn't mean you can't compete, it just means that you would need to fund this yourself.

To have a look at what competitions BUCS offer visit:

All forms and information can be found on your Dashboard.


BUCS Development Grant

The BUCS Development Grant is available to teams who were recommended to Self- Fund their BUCS season. There is up to £3000 available per club and new committees are able to complete the application from July 1st with the deadline being 20th July. The application form and resource pack will be released on July 1st and any questions about the process can be sent to [email protected]