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The Students’ Union Advice Centre has a team of trained Advisors who can provide you with impartial and confidential advice, support and representation, independent of the University.

This term, the Advice Centre will be operating remotely, offering telephone appointments and email correspondence. We are also able to attend virtual meetings with the University with you. 

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Information for Parents/Guardians of Students

Here at the Students’ Union Advice Centre, we provide a confidential service to students. This means that we are unable to discuss matters with students’ parent/guardian, unless they have given us explicit consent to do so using our ‘Consent to Share & Store Personal Data Consent Form’.

In order to speak with a student, we need them to contact us directly. They can do this by emailing us at [email protected], booking an online appointment here, or by giving us a ring on 01522 837000.

If we open a case with a student, and have their explicit consent, then we are able to speak with third parties, such as parents/guardians, as per our ‘ULSU Advice Centre Advising Third Parties Policy’.

If a parent or guardian does get in touch with us, we are able to give general advice, such as support available to students and how they can access this. We are not able to discuss whether a student is accessing our service or if they have accessed our support in the past.

If a parent or guardian has any concerns regarding a student’s wellbeing, we advise getting in touch with the University’s Student Wellbeing Centre. Their website and service information can be found here. If a student has signed a parental consent form, then the University is able to discuss the student’s wellbeing with their parent/guardian. More information can be found in this useful ‘Parents and Guardians’ guide.


Thank you for your support these past few weeks I really appreciate all your help. I don't know what I would of done without your help.
- Student received academic advice
Think I’m all sorted now, got my money yesterday, got a proper timetable and the right subjects for blackboard. Thanks for everything
- Student received academic and financial advice
Without you I wouldn’t have got this far, thank you
- Student received academic advice
Thank you again for your professionalism and kindness!
- Student received academic and financial advice

Additional information about our service:


As a student at the University of Lincoln and member of the Students’ Union you have the right to access the Advice Centre. To maintain high standards of professional practice we like to keep a confidential record for those who access our service on our case management system, including personal data and up-to-date case notes. This allows us to provide ongoing casework, support and representation, if requested. It also allows us to track and analyse anonymous statistical data and trends, which we use to improve our service and inform the wider work of the Students’ Union.

If an Advisor has a concern that a student accessing the service is a risk to themselves or others then we will use vital interests to override consent and refer the student to the appropriate service for immediate support. For example, the University’s Wellbeing Centre or an emergency service.

Please see the ULSU Group’s Privacy Policy in the footer of this page for more information about how we confidentially store and use your anonymous data. If you have an enquiry about your personal data please contact [email protected].

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