Extenuating Circumstances

There may be times throughout your University experience that due to a situation that is out of your control, your studies are negatively affected.

For example, you may feel unable to hand in an assignment on time or attend an exam, or your mark received doesn't reflect your capability.


How can you get help?

The most important thing is to make sure that as soon as you feel your academic performance may be affected, you come and talk to us at the Advice Centre. We may be able to negotiate an informal extension on your behalf, or you may be able to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Claim.

These claims can be submitted up to 10 days after you receive an 'official result', but the earlier you reach out, the stronger the case we can help you build. Applications are evidence-based and must be date-related.


What are the outcomes?

An independent panel will look over your claim and, if approved, decide the outcome they feel will best help your academic progression. You are given an opportunity to request the outcome you would prefer. An example of this would be; asking to have your mark returned to zero and have an opportunity to re-sit the work/exam for the first time (without a capped grade).