Offences & Misconduct

Navigating through the University's Academic Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures on your own can be intimidating and over-whelming.

At the Advice Centre we can give professional advice and representation with the following issues. We will also support you through the impact these factors can have on your overall wellbeing and studies.


Academic Offences

Plagiarism Collusion Cheating
Misleading Material Misconduct in research  



  • Intentionally or recklessly causing damage to property belonging to the University or its members - bullying, harrassment or defamation (including social media).
  • Committing or failing to disclose on enrolling, a criminal offence.
  • Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty relating to the University.
  • Disruption, obsruction or improper interference with functions, duties or activities of the University, it's members and visitors.


Fitness to Practice

For courses where completion of the academic award leads directly to a professional qualification, statuatory registration and eligibility to practice, such as...


BSc (Hons) Nursing BSc (Hons) Social Work
BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science Master of Pharmacy
MSc Social Work  


... you must abide by the University's regulations and the requirements of the relevant professional body to ensure that you will be a safe and suitable candidate for that profession. If issues regarding your fitness to practice are raised, your Head of School (or equivalent) may judge that it is a fitness to practice issue.



Hopefully you never will be, but if you are contacted by the University about any of the above issues it's really important that you get in touch as soon as possible, as the potential outcomes can be extremely serious.