Need help budgeting?!

Do you struggle with your finances? Why not try to make a weekly budget? Add up all your total expected income, include part-time job earnings, all Student Finance including grants, welfare/benefits and any expected one-off payments.

There are 42 weeks of term time so a good idea would be to divide your total income amount by 42.

If you fill in the Budgeting sheet below - you can see if you are spending too much money in a section you can't really afford to! It can be upsetting to stop buying luxuries you're used to having, but if you budget properly you will be able to treat yourself!


Outgoings (fixed) Average cost per week Running total
Utilities (water, gas, electric)    
TV License and wi-fi    
Outgoing variable    
Food and toiletries    
Travel (car if owned)    
Child care    
Medical costs (e.g. prescriptions)    
Study costs (e.g. books)    
Sports and hobbies    
Debt repayments    
Social and entertainment