Minimising Expenditure

Top tips to minimise your spending

  • Go back to your budget and split everything in to essentials vs desirables - be honest with yourself about want vs need.
  • Shop smart when buying groceries. Look for supermarket own branding and make the trek to big supermarkets or shop online - don't be sucked in by your local express store!
  • Try and use your flexible contract hours to your advantage - find the local meat and veg market for quality, low priced local produce.
  • Be inventive with old items - check out the hundreds of blogs on how to recycle your clothes and still keep bang on trend.
  • Bring out enough money for a social event and a taxi home - don't take your bank card out with you and end up with - £0 in your account.
  • Review your memberships and subscriptions that are direct debits. See if there is a pay as you go alternative.