Our Advisors provide independent advice and support on housing issues.

This page provides information about how to rent and ways to search for accredited properties, as well contact information so you can get support from an Advisor.

Click on each category for guidance on each issue and the support available to you.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government have created a useful guide called “How to Rent: The Checklist for renting in England”, which covers the following areas:

  1. Assured shorthold tenancies
  2. Before you start
  3. Looking for your new home
  4. When you've found a place
  5. Living in your rented home
  6. At the end of the fixed period
  7. If things go wrong
  8. Further sources of information

Over the past few years the University has continued to expand its accommodation provision and there are many landlords and letting agents offering a range of different properties to students across Lincoln. Despite what you might hear from your friends and peers, it is not necessary to sign up for a property before Christmas. In our experience, there are always houses and rooms available for the following academic year right through until September. This is largely because there are more available properties and rooms than there are students!

Here at the SU Advice Centre, we have put together the following downloadable documents for you to make use of throughout your time as a student:

We have provided you with lots of information to help you feel ready to rent, but please get in touch with SU Advice Centre if you have any further queries!

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There are a range of accommodation options available to you as a student in the city of Lincoln. These are:

  • On-campus University accommodation
  • Off-campus University accommodation
  • Partnership halls
  • Off campus private letting agents and landlords

The University have a really handy Accommodation Guide, which talks through options 1, 2 and 3 and contains an “accommodation comparison chart” which compares facilities available in each accommodation, such as en-suite and WiFi.

To see which options fit your budget have a look at the Accommodation Sign-up Fees 2020-21

Lincoln Students' Union Accreditation Scheme

Lincoln Students’ Union Accommodation Services Ltd are committed to ensuring students have access to safe and clean housing from trusted Landlords, as well as the reassurance of a high level of service, support and open communication.

The Accreditation Scheme aims to ensure the best experience for both students and landlords, throughout the letting process and beyond.

They promote student wellbeing and safety, and are committed to equal opportunities, including provision of selected properties that offer full accessibility.

More information on the Accreditation Scheme here.

Housing Fayre

Every year the Students’ Union hosts a Housing Fayre in partnership with the University, which takes place in the Engine Shed and is attended by accredited landlords and letting agents who advertise the properties and rooms they have available for the following academic year. We encourage all our members to attend the Housing Fayre if they are looking for properties in the following year before signing a contract. You will have the opportunity to speak to landlords and agents, find out more about the accreditation scheme and the advantages of being a tenant in an accredited property.

Please come to our weekday drop-in from 12-2pm in the Students’ Union Advice Centre to speak to an Advisor about your property search.

We would always advise that you report any maintenance or property issues to your Landlord or Letting Agent in the first instance. They may have a set process or online system for reporting and resolving maintenance issues so familiarise yourself with it.

If you have reported issues and they are on-going, or you don’t feel as though they are being resolved in a reasonable time period, please get in touch with the SU Advice Centre as our Advisors can advise on how to move forward and how they can assist.

We suggest that you download and use the document below or use it as a guide to give to an Advisor so we have a clear picture of the issues you have been experiencing:

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To understand your rights and responsibilities as a private tenant have a look at the GOV.UK guide here.

The charity Shelter has a great website with information about your tenancy rights and the types of tenancies available. Click here for more information.

It may be the case that you are looking to break your contract. If this is due to a housemate dispute please go to the section 'House/Flat Mate issues' below.

Please remember that a tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract – we would advise that you get in touch with our Advice Team before taking any actions, such as signing another contract before getting released from your current contract.

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If you are experiencing a dispute within your accommodation, it is really important that steps are taken to resolve the dispute and if necessary report any behaviour that is not acceptable under the University of Lincoln’s Misconduct regulations, or the Law.

We would strongly advise that you get in touch with our Advice Team to see which if any of the following options are best suited to your situation:

  1. Resolving the dispute within your accommodation on your own.
  2. Resolving the dispute within the accommodation with informal support such a mediation.
  3. Formally reporting another student’s behaviour. This may be under the Student Misconduct regulations or the Student Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy. An Advisor will support and guide you through these or any other relevant reporting processes.

The Advice Centre is a confidential service and our Advisors will help you work out all of your options in order to move forward.

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If you think that you are in rental arrears, it is really important you seek advice as soon as possible.

The Citizens Advice Bureau have really helpful information on rental arrears here

The University of Lincoln’s Student Support Centre have FCA licensed Advisor’s that can advise on debt and also run workshops in relation to this. Please see link to their website here.

If you would like to speak to an Advisor confidentially about the affects of rental arrears on your wellbeing or studies, please:

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If you are experiencing communication issues with your Landlord or Letting Agent, we advise that you get in contact with our trained Advisors for impartial and professional advice on how best to approach the situation.

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If you have provided a “deposit”, your landlord must put your deposit in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme:

If you’re not sure whether your issue falls under these categories, please feel free to drop-in to speak to one of our trained Advisors for professional advice and support.


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Helpful documents...

Here at the SU Advice Centre, we have put together the following downloadable documents for you to make use of throughout your time as a student:

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