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At Lincoln Students' Union, we want you to love living in Lincoln and its local community as it's an important part of student life. We work towards supporting you living in Lincoln, whether it's helping you to build on that relationship with long-term residents, letting you know when the bins need to be out or being safe when you're out and about in Lincoln.

If you do have any queries or suggestions about your community, then please email [email protected]


Being a Good Neighbour

At University we learn many new things; not just our academic subjects, budgeting, independent living, and sometimes cooking! Another important skill that students learn is living in, and being an important and respectful member of a community. Whether you choose to live in a house or in purpose built accommodation, you are part of the community here in Lincoln.


Here are some tips to help you be a good neighbour

  • Introduce yourself - make sure you say hello to all your neighbours, you can go around and introduce yourself or, if you'd prefer, put a note through the letter box. Make sure you let them know your names, which number you live at and how to contact you if they need a neighbourly favour. It's not only friendly but your neighbours can help you out if you need it too, think parcels and leaving for the holidays.
  • Find out when bin days are - you can find out on the council website, or you could ask your neighbours. When you know when they are make sure you put them out and take them in in time. The council have stated that bins should not be put out no earlier than 7pm the night before and put away by 10pm on the day of collection.
  • Respect your neighbours - let your neighbours know if you are having a party or people round and agree a reasonable time to be quiet by. We have all been kept awake by noisy neighbours and this is never enjoyable, so don't be the one to do it. Oh, and Sing Star is not best played at 3am, even if you sound like Adele!
  • Get involved - volunteer, go to community meetings, community fun days and meet your Community Representatives for your area. Keep up to date with the volunteer opportunities on our website, one-off or regular; we have well over 100 ways to get involved so there must be something for you!

There's also a great document from the City of Lincoln Council about how to be a good neighbour. Check it out HERE.


Late Night Noise

When returning from a night out please be considerate of any noise especially living in a residential area.

There are those with young children, or who have to get up early and the best way to help build relationships with your neighbours is to be respectful and considerate.


Community Action

Our students have been actively involved with the community in many ways, from volunteering in local projects (which include litter picks, our Make A Difference days, and the Brayford Clean Up) to representing our students in local meetings and forums where they can voice their thoughts, suggestions and concerns.

There are Community Representative roles to represent each student area of the city which aims to help us continue to widen our impact in the community. These include: Park Ward which covers the Sincil Bank area, Abbey Ward which covers the Monks Road area and Carholme Ward which covers the West End.

Together the Community Reps will tackle issues such as safety around the neighbourhood, being responsible residents and support local community initiatives.

You can get involved in helping the wider community by running in the October and January elections for any available positions. You can keep updated on this at

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