International Friends

What are International Friends?

The International Friends Scheme provides a further support network for International students who may be in the UK for the first time or living in a new city.

Whether you feel like you're struggling to settle in to life in a new country, having difficulties with your housemates, or feel like university is all too much, you don't have to be alone.

Talk to the Students' Union's Advice Centre, who will be able to talk through any problems you may be having, and will assign you an International Friend to help get you through the tough times and provide that much needed support you may have.


Becoming an International Friend

As a student, you will be able to relate and empathise with International students in regards to the reasons of their isolation, loneliness or unhappiness. You will provide a regular conversation for those who just want a chat, and can use your knowledge of University and local events, places, societies, volunteering, jobs, sports and so on to a positive effect. You will empower International students to take up opportunities that will enhance their experience at not only the University of Lincoln, but within the city itself!

Being an International Friend will also benefit you, giving you the chance to learn new things and further your personal developement. You will gain skills and qualities that will prepare you for the world of work, helping out with events such as Welcome Week, Arrivals Lounge and more throughout the Academic year, whilst also meeting new people and having fun! 



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