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'Mental health' is a phrase which often has a negative stigma attached to it. The truth is everyone has their overall 'health' that they are responsible for, equally everyone has their own 'mental health' that shouldn't be neglected.

If you feel your mental health is not as its best, it can be really difficult to know whether, how and where to access help and support. It can feel like an overwhelming big step to ask for help but it may be the best step you've ever taken and can bring immense sense of relief to your situation.

If you are worried about feelings of anxiety or low mood, and are finding them hard to control or they are affecting your life, whether it be due to a short-term trigger such as an interview or bereavement, or an on-going long-term feeling that you can't shake off, please get in touch so that we can offer confidential advice on how the Advice Centre, University and local services can support you in your University experience and academic performance. If you are worried to ask for support because you have 'no reason' to be feeling the way you do - please remember that anxiety and depression can develop for no reason.

If you feel your mental wellbeing is affected by any issue, not just the ones raised above, please get in touch for a chat to take that first step.

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