All current University of Lincoln students are classified as members of the Students’ Union (unless having opted out) and therefore have full access to all Students’ Union facilities and services.

Please see below our list of FAQs in relation to your membership:

What services do I have access to as a student member?

As a student member, you have access to the following services:

  • Use of SU facilities such as: Towers, Engine Shed, The Swan and The Barge.
  • Access to support services available at the Students’ Union, such as the Advice Centre.
  • Access to join clubs and societies through the Activities department, as well as the Cycle Scheme.
  • To be eligible to become a student representative and attend SU and University committees.
  • To be eligible to vote in SU elections and referendums/preferendums.
  • To be eligible to nominate yourself for election as a Student Leader or Volunteer Officer.
  • Access to representation for academic and welfare issues.

How do I opt-in or out of Students’ Union membership?

Students can opt-in or out of Students’ Union services during enrolment or through the "My University" tab available on Blackboard.

You can also choose to opt-in or out of Students’ Union communications.

Are there any requirements for student members?

All student members must adhere to the Code of Conduct which outlines the expectations required of all students, this document can be found in the side bar of the "Your Union" > "How We’re Run" tab.

How can I find out more information about the services available?

More information can be found under the "Services" tab on the SU Website, which contains links to of all of our services.

I’m no longer a student/a University staff member, but would like to join a sport or society

Non-students are able to access Students’ Union services by applying for an Associate Membership. In order to become an Associate Member, applicants must submit their details via this link and, once approved, pay a membership fee of £20.

Unfortunately members of the public who are not former students are not eligible to become Associate Members.

This membership lasts for a period of one year and gives the individual access to SU facilities, as well as the ability to join sports and societies (excluding the ability to run for committee positions, or participate in competitive sport).

Please note that the £20 membership fee is reviewed by the ULSU Board of Trustees and does not cover the cost of club membership fees and insurance.

By completing the below application you shall be agreeing to consent for your data to be stored by the Students’ Union and shall also agree to adhere to the expectations in line with the Code of Conduct that can be found in the side bar of the Your Union> How We’re Run tab. Should you have any queries regarding the above, please contact [email protected]

Apply for an Associate Membership