The BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Campaigns Group is here for students to raise awareness of issues and to campaign for any changes or improvements needed within the Union, University and community. Any issues that BAME students face at the University of Lincoln can be raised here.

Previous events and campaigns include ‘Know Your Rights’, which gave information to students about their rights and how to act if they are ever stopped by a police officer as well as:

  • The BAME campaign’s group, partnered with the African Caribbean Society, hosted Black History Month events, including the ‘Inspire the Future’ talk with guest speakers.
  • Tower bar added Black History Month items to their menu, including plantain and jerk chicken!
  • Tower bar also hosted a Black History Month round in the Tower bar quiz!

Future plans for the BAME campaigns group include campaigns across campus to include everyone and make everyone feel welcomed.

Your 2020/21 BAME Committee

Your elected 2020/21 BAME Students’ Officer


[email protected]

Secretary Vacant
Publicity Lead Vacant
Intersectionality Lead Vacant 
Education Lead Vacant

If you have any questions, you can also contact [email protected].There currently aren’t any committee members for BAME yet, keep an eye out for upcoming bye-elections. You will need to become a member before nominating or voting.

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