The Disabilities Campaigns Group makes sure that all students at the University of Lincoln with disabilities have a voice and that their disability does not disadvantage them in any way.

Previous events have included social events and the Shine a Light campaign to raise awareness on invisible disabilities.


Your 2020/21 Disabilities Committee

Your elected 2020/21 Disabilities Students’ Officer

Zoe Hoy

[email protected]

Secretary Rebecca Sharp
Publicity Lead Vacant
Invisibilities Lead Jo Copson 
Physical Disabilities Lead   Lew Duke
Wellbeing Lead Caris Burton 



This semester I have done a lots of talking to students about accessibility on campus and issues they have faced whilst at university it is my aim this year to make the sports and societies more inclusive and make the campus more accessible to everyone.

I have engaged with students during our campaigns network t-shirt campaign and during the inclusivity campaign and it is wonderful to hear feedback from you all.

  • I am currently planning ‘The spoon campaign' to spread awareness of invisible disabilities and the daily struggles and decisions that people with disabilities face.
  • I am also pushing for sunflower lanyards at SU venues and events so that we can support those with disabilities as best we can without the need for them to ask.

If you have any issues with accessibility on campus or any suggestions for improvements within any aspect of the university surrounding disabilities please don’t hesitate to contact me with the email address above.

Twitter- @disability_ulsu

Instagram- @ulsu_disabilities


For general Campaigns Network enquiries, please contact [email protected]