Hi, I'm James and i'm your Environmental Officer.

I’m elected to represent the voice of environmentally conscious students and this year, with my committee I am going to introduce more student run workshops and events related to environmental sustainability and personal responsibility. We also want to be more active on social media as well as working to connect students to local businesses and groups who share a common vision of sustainability. My role within your Students’ Union is to collect feedback from you, the students to make an impact on and off campus, so please let us know your experience as a University of Lincoln student and how we can support you! You can become a member of the Environmental Campaigns Group for free by clicking the ‘join’ button below. By becoming a member you will get the opportunity to support our campaigns as well as being kept in the loop when it comes to all things Environmental!


Here's the committee!


James Morris Environmental Officer
Vacant Secretary
Vacant Publicity Lead
Sophie Leggott Climate Emergency Lead


If you are interested in getting involved - let us know!

Get in touch:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @enviro_ulsu

Instagram: @ulsu_environment 

Facebook: ULSU Environmental Campaigns Group

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