The LGBT+ Campaigns Group represents all genders and sexualities acroos the University, connecting all members within the University and surround community of Lincoln.

The LGBT+ Campaigns group hold a variety of events, including weekly Tuesday meetings, regular socials, campaigns and charity fundraising and speeches held by students, lecturers and organisations on a wide range of LGBT+ issues.

Last year included many things, such as the campaign ‘Humans of LGBT+’, the Rainbow Run, Lincoln Pride and Pub Golf! However, this year we are aiming to run more campaigns, raise more money, spread more awareness, make the University a safer and more accepting place, and to hold bigger and better social events than ever! And of course, we want you to be a part of all this madness, no matter who you may be or how you identify as! Everyone is welcome.

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Your 2018/19 LGBT+ Committee

Your elected 2018/19 LGBT+ Students’ Officer

Currently vacant.

[email protected]


Secretary Matthew Clark
Campaigns Gemma McPherson
Publicity Abigail Chumley
Gender Rep Riley Wade
Social Secretary Wendy Anh Ngoc Le


Nominations for your 2018/19 LGBT+ Officer will open on 13th December, 9am and close on 19th December, 11.59pm and the election will take place between 20th December, 12am and 22nd December, 11.59pm.

If you are interested in running for LGBT+ Officer please visit:


Previous events and campaigns

as well as: Lincoln Pride, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Pub Golf Social, Raising awareness and money for National AIDs Day.


For any general Campaigns Network enquiries, please contact [email protected]