Mature students are classed as anyone over the age of 21 when they start their studies.

The Mature liberation group is here to give mature students a voice within the student community, as well as giving them the opportunity to get to know other mature students. If you are interested in activities during the daytime, evening or both, would like to be active within the student community, or just want to meet up with other mature students occasionally, we hope we will have something for you!

Your elected 2017/18 Mature Students’ Officer

Heather Sunderland


2017/18 Mature Students’ Committee

SecretaryVacant (this could be YOU)

Campaigns Lead – Lee Burgess

Publicity lead – Chirantana Mathkari

Communications Lead – Jacqueline Monroe


Upcoming events and campaigns

Mature Student Coffee Mornings @ The Swan: Mondays and Fridays


For any general Campaigns Network enquiries, please contact