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RAG, Raise and Give are the fundraising arm of the Union. Looking to raise a ginormous £10,000 for charity this year. RAG are always on the lookout for national days for charities and ways we can get involved.

This year, Lincoln RAG are taking part in the Big Pink Jump, a Skydive for Breast Cancer Now!

Though there is currently no RAG Officer, elections are now open to become the RAG Officer.

The elected committee members are working hard to raise as much money for charity as they can. You can contact the Secretary at rag@lincolnsu.com

The Committee are:

Secretary – Ben Leer

Treasurer – Sophie Casey

Events Lead – Emma Blackburn

Events Lead - Adam

Events Lead – Vacant

Publicity Lead – Vacant


Elections re-open in March 2018.


Previous events:


I’m a Student Leader, Get Me Out Of Here for Children in Need


Upcoming events:


For any general Campaigns Network enquiries, please contact: campaignsnetwork@lincolnsu.com



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