Our mission is to raise awareness of the Samaritans and help support their cause fundraising and hosting campaign events. We wish to establish an active student community of volunteers to help support the work of the Samaritans.

Did you know?

  • Samaritans was founded in 1953 by Chad Varah, who was originally from Lincoln!
  • Samaritans have 201 branches across the UK and Republic of Ireland
  • Every six seconds, Samaritans responds to a call for help

Samaritans Values 2019

  • Listening: because exploring feelings alleviates distress and helps people to reach a better understanding of their situation and the options open to them
  • Confidentiality: because if people feel safe, they are more likely to be open about their feelings
  • People making their own decisions wherever possible: because we believe that people have the right to find their own solution and telling people what to do takes responsibility away from them
  • Being non-judgmental because we want people to be able to talk to us without fear of prejudice or rejection
  • Human contact: because giving people time, undivided attention and empathy meets a fundamental emotional need and reduces distress and despair.

Our vision

  • To increase awareness of Samaritans for students and staff at the University of Lincoln
  • To fundraise and create campaign events such as Brew Monday & The Power of Listening
  • To reduce the stigma around mental health, especially within the student community
  • To allow those in need to have the courage to speak up and reach out to others

How you can get involved

  • Sign up to our student led project/attend Samaritans Lincoln events
  • Help out at fundraising events or take on roles within our student led project e.g. publicity
  • Become a recognised Samaritans volunteer at the Lincoln Branch; we can help you with this!

Contact us

[email protected]
Twitter: @SamaritansSU
Facebook: Samaritans Lincoln


To contact the Samaritans directly: