The Women’s Campaign Group represents and is made up of self-defining women from across the University. The group works on projects and campaigns focused on women’s issues and equality. They support, help and represent women within the University aimed at combatting sexism.




The Women’s Campaign Group has organised and taken part in various campaigns and events, including Reclaim the Night in Lincoln city centre, aimed at protesting sexual violence against women.


These are last year's events by the Women's Group which will be repeated later in the year. Take a look at what we did last year, do you have any suggestions for these events? Let us know!

Your 2020/21 Women's Committee

Your elected 2020/21 Women's Students’ Officer

Millie Burrows 

[email protected]

Secretary Lauren Martin
Intersectionality Lead Alaois McHugh
Publicity Lead Samuel Lead
Equalities Lead Faith Hannah Jones

For any general Campaigns Network enquiries, please contact [email protected]
Twitter: @womens_ulsu
Instagram: @womens_ulsu