Outreach Ambassador Programme

Become an Outreach Ambassador!

We are offering you the chance to be an advocate for the University of Lincoln and inspire potential future graduates. We can offer you the chance to develop your presentation and communication skills whilst delivering and collaborating with a member of professional services from the University. The Programme allows you to collaboratively create material which will be delivered to Further Education students completing their A-Levels. Not only will the programme increase your networking and communication skills but you will inform potential students about your University experience and promote the curriculum.

Benefits to you

  • Professional Development – gains hand on experience from a professional at the University, offering you mentoring, teaching methods and advice.
  • Presentation Skills – learn top tips, structures and techniques on how to deliver presentations to a high standard.
  • Communication Skills – learn top tips on how to address a group, write effectively and body language practices.
  • Professional Delivery of Higher Education Content – learn in depth university knowledge and how to relay information to Further Education students clear and concisely.
  • Confidence building – feel proud of your unique delivery; inspiring future University students.
  • Broader knowledge of different teaching and learning styles – you learn first-hand about different teaching styles from University staff.

What support is available?

You will be fully briefed before you meet with a member of staff. You will be provided with relevant training in order for you to present professionally. This will be to ensure you are prepared and able to deliver a topic of interest. Your staff member and the Student Voice Department will be your first point of contact and support, therefore throughout the year please feel free to let us know of any question or queries you may have.

Did you know that your participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award?

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