Staff-Student Insight Scheme


Be paired with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to share, learn and collaborate.


What is the Staff-Student Insight Scheme?

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union, in partnership with the Senior Leadership Team, including the Vice-Chancellor, Directors of Colleges, and Directors of Professional Services, is offering undergraduate and postgraduate students from a specific demographic, chosen each year, an opportunity to gain an insight into the University processes, and high profile career insight. 

It provides staff members who are part of the scheme first-hand insight into student experiences at the University and students the chance to see into the high-profile careers of Senior staff at the University.

The demographic of students chosen by the University this year, are students from a BAME background, those who identify as being from low-participation areas and students with any disability. The University would like further insight into your experience as a student.

To find out more, please contact us at: [email protected]

Please note, the deadline for interest is Monday 2nd November!
Please note: Applications for this scheme are being reviewed on a first-come-first served basis, and as such this opportunity may close early. 

Benefits to you


Not only is this an exciting opportunity to meet high-profile academics, but taking part will give you loads of employability skills, helping to make you work-ready:


What support is available?



You will be fully briefed before you meet your senior manager. Your manager and their personal assistant will be your first point of contact and support. We in the SU will also be on hand throughout the year to answer any questions you may have.




Don’t just take our word for it, hear from a current Student paired with Staff!


The Staff-Student Insight Scheme is going really well! I have had many meetings with David and they are going really well! We have some more planned in the future and I have mentioned it on my Radio Show on Siren FM Lincolnomics! I have about 3 meetings over the next week or so with David and my pairing with him is really great!

As my final year draws to a close, I cannot thank the Students’ Union enough for the support and encouragement through the Staff Student Insight Scheme. It has been a great pleasure to have been selected for this programme for the past year and it has provided me with some great knowledge and insight into how the Finance department works. You have all helped me develop my communication and organisational skills, which I can take forward with my future endeavours. I hope that you have enjoyed having me as part of the scheme as much as I have enjoyed attending meetings and events. I hope it was insightful for David being able to see what the ‘typical’ Lecture or Seminar is like which he may not have experienced before.’


Bhavesh, 3rd Year Business and Finance, paired with Chief Finance Officer





Did you know that your participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award?




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  • Professionalism – you are taken seriously in this important role working directly with senior staff
  • Networking you will meet new staff and see the inner workings of the University, giving you a snapshot of senior-level decision making. If it goes well, your partner may even offer you a high-quality reference!
  • Broader knowledge of a career - you will get to see what it takes to be a senior manager, and understand what it takes for them to achieve their goals and ambitions
  • Confidentiality – you will be privileged to a lot of what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the University, and trained to respect procedures
  • Time management you decide when you can meet, so you can fit this around your other commitments
  • Reflection – by sharing your aspirations you will get some great tips from your partner for your future career
  • Confidence – feel proud that your voice and real experiences are heard by influential staff