Student Recruiters

Are you interested in being part of the recruitment of new staff at the University? Become a Student Recruiter!


What are Student Recruiters?

When the University recruits new staff, candidates go through a fairly standard recruitment process that ultimately ends with a formal interview. Here at Lincoln, we ensure that a student is included as an official panel member. You will help ensure that all academic jobs with teaching duties, all senior management posts, and all support staff posts have the right people in place. These are the roles that impact your student experience the most, after all.

You will receive full training for the role, including interview techniques, equality and diversity training, and more! Once trained, you will join a network of other students and will be notified throughout the year of upcoming vacancies. You decide which panels you want to be a part of, so it's flexible around you!

This opportunity is open to all students - there's nothing stopping you...

Benefits to you

There are a number of benefits of getting involved. Not only will you gain loads of employability skills - helping to make you work ready - but you'll also be able to brag about skills like:

  • Interview experience - see the whole process from a brand new perspective, and learn what defines a good or bad interview

  • Professionalism - this is a high-profile role in which you are taken seriously, working with a variety of staff

  • Broader knowledge of potential career paths - you learn first-hand about different job positions from across the whole University

  • Confidentiality - you will be privy to a lot of 'behind-the-scenes' conversations, and will be trained to respect procedures

  • Time management - you decide how much you want to be involved by fitting the scheme around your other commitments

  • Confidence - feel proud that your voice is heard

What support is available?

Each and every recruitment process is managed by the University's Human Resources department. They will be your first point of contact and can also put you in touch with whichever member of staff is chairing the interview panel. During your first assigned recruitment, a HR colleague will be able to walk you through the process and be there to answer any questions you may have.

Want to see an interview live in action? But not ready to be a full member of the panel? Speak to the Student Voice Department about being an observer of a recruitment panel [email protected]


Don't just take our word for it, hear from previous Student Recruiters!

‘Very beneficial as to what is required from an interviewee and what prep should be done in advance. The panel was very friendly and it has provided a better outlook into employment.’


‘I felt it was really useful for me, in that I have interviews coming up, and now can use both perspectives to prepare for it. I have more insight into the sort of questions that might be asked from the job description and the importance of demeanour and following specifications for presentations.’


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct must be downloaded and signed before taking part in this opportunity. Signed Code of Conduct must be sent to [email protected]


Did you know that your participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award?

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