Student Researchers

Get paid to research our Academic Opportunities!

As a Student Researcher, you will be paid £300 to carry out in depth research into the findings of one of our other Academic Opportunities, the Staff- Student Insight Scheme, as well as Student Engagement across the whole University, to provide insight into different demographics of students. You can utilise skills you have already learnt through your course to choose your own research question and methodologies and become part of an exciting project! Your research project will come together with the other Student Researchers’ work to create an overarching report, which will help to make huge changes across the University. You decide how your research fits around your timetable and other commitments.

Open to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students! Get involved and GET PAID!

Benefits to you

  • Organisation and time management – decide how best your project can work around your studies and other commitments
  • Communication – communicate effectively with the other members and with research participants
  • Team work – work with the other Student Researchers to coordinate the project, and use your strengths to help each other
  • Professionalism – you will be taken seriously in this role and be able to collate data in a professional manner
  • Ability to learn and adapt – develop your existing research skills and learn new means of conducting and analysing research

What support is available?

You will be fully supported by the Students’ Union in your role, who will endeavour to find you the best support with anything you need to conduct your research or any issues. Participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award.

Currently Full

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