Student Reviewers

Help officially approve all new courses


What are Student Reviewers?

All courses at the University are reviewed by an official validation panel before they can be taught. Each of these validation panels are made up of relevant staff and a Student Reviewer. You will review and discuss the structure, content of modules, and types of assessments on these courses. By using your experience as a student, you will help ensure that all courses at Lincoln are student-friendly and the best they can be. This will ultimately impact on the quality of your education and the education of those who proceed you.

You will receive full training for the role, including awareness of the quality assurance process, University structure, and more! Once trained, you join a network of other trained students and will be notified throughout the year of upcoming vacancies. You decide which panels you want to be a part of, so it's flexible around you! On average, Student Reviewers sit on 3 panels per year.

This opportunity is open to all students - so there's nothing stopping you...


Benefits to you

Becoming a Student Reviewer will provide you with a whole host of employability skills, helping to make you work ready.

  • Professionalism - you are taken seriously in this important role, working with a variety of staff

  • Broader knowledge of different courses - learn first-hand about different courses from across the whole University and how they all learn in different ways. This may inspire your future career path!

  • Confidentiality - you will be privy to some of what goes on 'behind-the-scenes' and trained to respect such procedures

  • Time management - you decide how much you want to be involved by fitting the scheme around your other commitments

  • Reflection - see how you are making a real difference and take that back to your own course

  • Confidence - feel proud that your voice is heard


What support is available?

Each and every panel is managed by one of the team in the Office of Quality, Standards & Partnerships department. They will be your first point of contact and can also put you in touch with whichever member of staff is chairing the interview panel. During your first assigned panel, a member of the Office of Quality, Standards & Partnerships will offer one-to-one support, and will be in the room as a member of the panel themselves - so will walk you through the process and be there to answer any questions you have.

Want to see a review live in action? But not ready to be a full member of the panel? Speak to the Student Voice Department about being an observer of a review panel [email protected].


Don't just take our word for it, hear from a current Student Reviewer!

“I enjoy being on panels and getting an idea what higher education looks like “behind the scenes” as this is a career I could see myself getting in to. Further, I have met a lot of people I would have not met otherwise. I find the review most useful when it’s a topic/module/degree program you have an interest in or can relate to as it makes the experience more valuable and interesting. It allows you to take away more than just the practical communication and organisational skills you improve during a meeting like this.”

“All of the panel members were really lovely and welcomed me as much as they would with a staff member. I didn’t feel disadvantaged due to my age or lack of experience at all. They were genuinely interested in the contributions that I was making which increased my confidence during the process.”


Did you know that your participation hours can be logged as volunteer hours and contribute towards The Lincoln Award?

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