School of the Month

Whether you’re a student, a Course Rep or Senior Rep, or a member of University staff, you can nominate your School for exceptional work

If you think your School or someone within it has done something fantastic, which deserves to be commended, download the nomination form and nominate.

Key Criteria

  • Give examples of Reps working proactively in their remit to have a positive impact on Academic experience of the students within their School. E.g. Reps have highlighted a lack of resources on a School’s Blackboard site and have worked with the relevant staff to increase this and are able to demonstrate students’ satisfaction with the new resources.
  • Give examples of Student Reps working in partnership with Staff within their School and the SU to resolve an issue effecting the students they represent. E.g., Students are not happy with the detail and timing of their assessment feedback, and the Reps work together and consult the SU to have a survey produced to find out the main issues and what students would like to see, and work with staff in their School to make evidence-based change.
  • Give examples of how Reps have worked to promote their School, the SU or the University to the wider University or Local community. E.g. This could be representing students/the University nationally at a conference or external committee.
  • Give examples where Reps have worked to build or maintain an inclusive community in their Course, School or the wider University. E.g. A social event is held that all students within the school are invited to, and where a good turn-out is seen.

If you have other any comments, ideas or question which you would like to share with us, please use the box below.

We will endeavour to respond to all submissions or pass them on to the relevant staff or Rep.

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