Hold Us to Account

Your Students’ Union is Student-led.

You are represented by five elected Student Leaders, and 35 Volunteer Officers who speak and act on your behalf. It is your right as a student to make sure that they are doing and saying the things which ensure you have a happy and memorable time at University.

Accountability is the process through which students ensure their elected reps are fulfilling the responsibilities of their role in line with student needs.

How can I hold my leaders to account?

  1. Talk to your Student Leader or Volunteer Officer and ask them to explain the reasons behind any decisions they have made.
  2. Vote on the reports which outline what each of your Student Leaders and Volunteer Officers have done that month. A net total of 25 negative votes will cause an Accountability Forum to be held, where your Leaders will have to explain what they have done that month and why, as well as answer the questions from the student body.
  3. Request an Accountability Forum is held. This can be done by getting signatures from 50 student members and submitting these to the Students’ Union President.
  4. Come along to an All Student Members’ Meeting. There is an opportunity at each meeting to ask your Leaders questions. If you still don’t like their answers or do not think they are doing a good job, you can ask students to vote on motions of caution, censure or no confidence against an officer, which will give them informal or formal warnings, or even remove them from their post.