Our Research

It is important that we are always acting in the best interests of our members. Researching your views on various topics allows us to do this, and ensures that we can continuously develop, and help to provide you with the best University experience as possible.

We might ask for your feedback through evaluations, surveys, focus groups, and many more mechanisms.


We use your feedback to

  • Work in partnership with the University, to make changes within the University
  • Develop and improve our own services
  • Educate your representatives at every level, so they have student insight into some of the issues on campus and within your courses that you might be facing.


Research reports


Annual Membership Survey (2016-2017)



Learning Spaces

Streetlight Survey

Blackboard Survey

Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free Survey

Annual Membership Survey (2015-2016)

Accommodation Survey (2015-2016)



Are you Ready? Employability Survey

Pound in Your Pocket Survey

College of Science Access to Learning Spaces Survey

Accommodation Survey (2015)

Annual Membership Survey (2014-2015)



Accommodation Survey (2014)