When your time at University comes to an end and you are applying for graduate roles, it’s important to be able to demonstrate that you are employable.

We want to make sure that when you move on from us you are fully equipped with a range of skills to present in future applications and interviews and, with that, below we have listed those skills we have identified as core competencies which are essential in order to stand out to employers:





Team Work

Learning and Adaptability


Perseverance and Initiative

Commercial Awareness

Problem Solving




What is the Employability Dashboard and how can I use it?

The Employability Dashboard will allow you to build your profile, gain star ratings and have access to your Employability Review. The Students’ Union will automatically input information about any roles or training you undertake with us and you can add in any other experience to build up your profile under the 'Roles’and ‘Training’ tabs. Your profile is a summary of everything you have done and will include work experience, paid work, volunteering, eLearning, workshops, training and any other external experience. Under the ‘Hours’ tab you can log your time for each experience, which is broken down for you on your profile.

Your ‘Skills Summary’ lists for you all of your experiences and highlights which of the ‘Employability’ skills you have gained or developed. This information forms the basis of your review which is available to you at all times, but is sent to you twice a year. The ‘Reflection’ tab provides a space for you to write written reflections on your experiences.

Under ‘Star Ratings’ you can review your progress and view which skills you could earn more stars in.

You can access your Employability Dashboard through logging into the SU website and clicking on ‘my account.’ 


The Levels

By logging your experiences you are awarded stars for each of the employability skills you have demonstrated. As you gain more and more stars, you will reach different levels which will be highlighted in your employability review. These are:

  • Bronze level = 3 stars
  • Silver level = 4 stars
  • Gold level = 5 stars