DofE Residential


If you’re going for your Gold DofE Award, you need to complete an additional Residential section. You can choose from a range of residential activities – from helping at a National Trust site in the UK to working with children in India.

You’ll spend five days and four nights taking part in a shared, worthwhile activity with people you’ve never met before. A DofE residential will boost your independence and confidence and is a great way to leave a positive footprint on your life and other people’s.




The Youth Hostel Association for England and Wales (YHA) is an approved Activity Provider for DofE Gold Residentials, volunteering for a week at one of their Residentials is a great way to complete your DofE Gold residential.

They offer a number of Residentials throughout the year at a variety of their hostels throughout England and Wales and they are looking for volunteers to help throughout the week with tasks like painting and decorating or gardening and grounds work which will also help you improve your own skills in new areas as well. 

Their website lists the different opportunities they have throughout the year, with a range of locations and dates available.

Find out about the YHA's volunteering opportunities here



And you can read more about the YHA at


For your Residential, why not consider a working holiday with The National Trust?

* Gain new skills and enjoy unique experiences.

* Work alongside, and learn from, the experts.

* Make new friends and lifelong friendships.

* Have the opportunity to work in some amazing places.

* See life behind the scenes of the National Trust.

* Have the satisfaction of helping a great cause

Have a look at the National Trust Working Holidays Brochure here.

Employability Skills

Don’t forget to log your Employability skills on the Skills Log from taking part in this opportunity!
Communication – in your residential you will be taking part in a shared activity with people you don’t know, meaning you are using your communication skills to adapt to new people and how they work.
Problem Solving – your shared activity on your residential may involve thinking on your feet to solve problems.