Financial Fairytales

Welcome to the award-winning Financial Fairytales programme.

Your Students’ Union and the University of Lincoln has partnered with financial education specialists ‘WEALTH at Work’ to offer a unique opportunity to University of Lincoln Students’. This programme is entering its fourth year and has been awarded the ‘Best Financial Education Programme’ by UK organisation Employee Benefits.


What's it all about?

Managing money whilst at University has become increasingly challenging for students across the UK. Whilst having those ‘Cinderella Shoes’ or that ‘Happily Ever After Holiday’ might seem like the most important thing right now, the impact of making mistakes will not only affect your student life, but could stay with you when you start your career. Graduating from University is likely to be your focus; however avoiding financial problems and finding your dream job when you graduate are likely to be just as vital.

We are here to support you on your quest - wherever that yellow brick road might take you - and want you to have all the right information to make informed choices.


How do I get involved in Financial Fairytales?

We are currently putting together online content for Financial Fairytales, in the meantime please contact [email protected] for more information.


HSBC are coming to your Students’ Union to provide free financial health checks!

HSBC will be visiting the SU with a team of Specialists who will be able to go through a Financial Health Check with you.

By answering some quick questions about you and your current financial situation you can identify areas of your financial health which may need further attention and discussion.

You can cover topics such as: current accounts, savings, credit cards, budget planning, credit reports, loans, mortgages and insurances.

As well as this, it’s a chance to go over any other topic, just let HSBC know in advance and they can look into this in order to put you in front of the best specialist.

10:00 – 17:00, 18th October 2018

One-to-one 30 minute appointments available

To book a one-to-one ‘Financial Health’ check, please email your name stating your preferred time of a one-to-one: [email protected] (please type University of Lincoln in the subject field).

Check out Financial Fairytales for more advice and guidance on managing your money while at University.


WEALTH at Work

Financial Fairytales is run in partnership with WEALTH at work, who are a specialist provider of financial education and guidance.

Employability Skills

Don’t forget to log your Employability skills on the Employability Dashboard from taking part in this opportunity!
Learning & Adaptability – during this course you are learning and picking up new skills and using them in day to day life, showing you can adapt your behaviour. Organisation - learning how to organise your money means you are working on being more organised as a person, which can be transferred into other areas of your life i.e. work.