Training Courses at your SU


Defence Lab 

At your SU we’re always keen to try and help you improve your life skills as well as your employability skills.

Try something new and come along to our self-defence classes run by Defence Lab. Improve your personal safety, as well de-stress through their self-defence and fitness programme. 

Defence Lab is a global network of self-defence and fitness facilities. They combine the scientific study of physical and mental aspects of reality-based combat and self-defence. They have also trained actors including Tom Cruise and Liam Neeson for on-screen combat scenes!

Sessions will run from 5:30 – 7pm. 


  • Wednesday 23rd January (The Platform)
  • Wednesday 20th February (The Platform)
  • Wednesday 20th March (The Platform)

The sessions can be done individually, but each one will incorporate a different theme, so try and attend them all if you want to get the most out of the programme! The course will start off the basics, and build up to be more intense and “real”. 

Session are just £3 per person or are included in your Platinum Card!
Head to SU Reception to book your place, or pay online through the shop!

A rough idea of what will be covered in the sessions:

The sessions will focus on different themes, so you can attend as many as you like! They will cover basic covering and striking to sparring and scenario training, and everything in between.



On your training dashboard through your log-in to the Students’ Union website you can access various eLearning courses, as well as online training for various SU roles.

If you get involved in an opportunity through the SU, chances are there will be some compulsory training here for you to do, but alongside this are other opportunities for you to gain skills.

Each eLearning course and related quiz is worth one star in a particular Employability Skill. Simply pass the test to get the star.

Use these courses as a way of bumping up your star ratings! 

These include courses on LinkedIn, communication, commercial awareness and more.